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4 Ways to Encourage Year-End Donations


Capitalize on Christmas generosity by encouraging your people to make year-end donations.

It’s not easy to find a silver lining to procrastination. Who has ever said, “I wish I had started this project even later”? But here’s one situation where procrastination does pay off: year-end giving.

Thirty percent of charitable giving in the US happens in the month of December.

Why is that good news for churches? Because it tells you exactly when to make a giving push. Giving is on people’s minds in December. Not only does the Christmas spirit produce generosity, but donations matter for taxes.

Here are four ways to capitalize on this statistic.

4 Ways to Encourage Year-End Donations

Capitalize on Christmas generosity by encouraging your people to make year-end donations.
Coins stacked next to a glass jar to signify church year-end donations.


Late November and early December is the perfect time to encourage year-end donations, so get started.

  • Put a reminder in the bulletin.
  • Announce it from the stage.
  • Send out emails.
  • Update your church website.
  • Add a slide to your pre-service presentation roll.

Canvas your church’s communication channels with information about how to give—and keep doing it. Repetition commands attention.

Late November and early December are the perfect time to encourage year-end donations in churches. Click To Tweet


In the spirit of urgency, your impulse may be to just shout “Give!” from the rooftops. Redirect.

Just like in Scripture, the why makes the what. Why were the Israelites expected to obey the Ten Commandments?

Because, God told them, “I am the Lord your God, who brought you ought of slavery” (Exod 20:1). Why are Christians to walk in newness of life? Because they’ve been made new. 

And why do Christians give? Because God is generous toward us (1 Tim 6:17). Because it is better to give than to receive (Acts 20:35). Because our treasures serve our Treasure (Matt 6:21). 

Speak specifically about your church’s mission and what donations have accomplished in the past—and what they’ll do in the future. Make sure you cast vision. This isn’t a money grab.

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Make year-end donations easy for your people by removing as many barriers as possible.
Man makes an online, year-end donation on his smartphone. 


Nothing will kill these efforts more than an arduous giving process. Remove as many barriers as possible:

  • Provide clear instructions for all the ways people can give.
  • Send out emails with direct links for online giving.
  • Enable a text-to-give tool.
  • Display “Give” or “Donate” buttons prominently on your website.
  • Mail pre-addressed, postage-paid envelopes for sending in checks.
  • Pass the plate every week.
  • Put a “Remind me to give” option on the connection card.

Think of every conceivable way people will give. Make each process as seamless as possible.

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Carry momentum into the new year. Ideally, by mid-December giving will be fresh on people’s minds. Maybe some people will use your online giving platform for the first time.

Be sure to update the congregation on their progress.

When people see that others are giving, they are encouraged to give. Find opportunities to commend your church members for their generosity, to report how many people are giving online, and to remind people of your church’s plans for the new year.

Thirty percent of charitable giving in the US happens in the month of December. Make sure your church is ready to capitalize on this statistic. Click To Tweet


Although year-end giving signifies the end of the year, it doesn’t have to be a closed concept. This is the ideal time to prime your people for giving financially and their time for the betterment of the kingdom, throughout the year.

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This article has been adapted from an article originally featured in Ministry Team Magazine.

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