6 Web Pages to Refresh Today

Since Christmas is a key time for church visitors, it’s a good idea to refresh your church website—not a massive overhaul, just a light dusting. Here’s a checklist you can tackle in just 30 minutes to encourage more people to visit your church.

How To Make the Best First Impression for Your Church

Now more than ever, people are looking for spiritual connections everywhere, especially online at the convenience of their fingertips. Understanding how people are discovering...

Church Tech Tip #25: How the Storybrand Approach Improves Your Website

Your website is the online front door to your church. Your first-time visitors will visit your website before coming to your next service. Make your first impression as welcoming and smooth as possible. If your website clearly communicates your church's message, your potential attendees will most likely feel comfortable coming in person. They look for your church's story, message, and climate by clicking through to your website. Swipe to find how the Storybrand framework can make your visitors feel good about considering your church. What's one thing that you want to add to your church's website?

5 Critical Things Websites Of Growing Church Include

If you're looking for consistent long-term results for targeting, attracting, and engaging potential attendees, a church website should be the core hub of any content marketing strategy. But before you start strategizing content, make sure your site features these five critical things first.

10 Rules I Wish Churches Followed, But They Don’t

By following the industry’s best practices, you can ensure that your church is as user-friendly as possible. In this article, find the ten things I wish more church websites paid attention to, but often overlook.

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