7 Mistakes Churches Make With Their Website

You want to grow your church and steward its resources in keeping with the times. What does that look like in our digital age? Creating a website, of course! It’s probably been years since you first made your church website public and you’ve spent a lot of money on it and a lot of time went into creating it. Just because you haven’t seen a lot of traffic doesn’t mean that you should scrap your site. You just need to make some basic changes.

4 Important Web Page Elements Your Church Should Be Using

Increasing engagement and clarifying the message on your church website starts with structure. In this article, I'll break down 4 elements every effective site design contains, and I’ll show you how to implement a similar strategy on your own site.

10 Varied Church Websites Using Ministry Designs Omega Platform

Gone are the days of paying massive amounts for custom coded sites or scratching your head trying to figure out a WordPress plugin. With a church-specific website company, you have a ministry partner that will help you grow and leverage your online tools properly.

Why Your Website Needs a Plan Your Visit Option

In a recent interview, Kenny Jahng sits down with Tyler Smith, founder of to talk about the “Plan Your Visit” online resource and the positive impact it can have on a first-time visitor or guest. 

3 Questions The StoryBrand Framework Can Help Answer To Improve Your Church Website

It's not good enough to have a mediocre website in today's world. People will look up your website before they decide to visit your church in person for the first time. Put your best foot forward with your website since it is now the front door to your church. StoryBrand can help.

3 Things Every Organization Website Strategy Needs

A church website strategy is more than building a beautiful home page. In this article, we'll explore the three critical components needed to increase your ability to leverage your church's Internet presence. 

10 Stellar Church Websites Built With The Church Co Platform is one church website builder that is popular among churches today due to its clean design options, flexibility in functionality, and low budget requirement.  In this article, we’ll take a look at diverse examples of churches using The Church Co website platform.

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