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6 Features of Logos Daily Basics Course That Will Make You Want to Begin Immediately

Many are finding great value in bible software specifically designed to cut out busywork and facilitate focused and productive explorations into the word of God. Logos Bible Software is a ministry and sermon prep platform that helps people offer enriched messages to fellow believers and an enhanced understanding of God’s word. However, like most software, users only get the most out of what is available after doing a bit of research on how to use the software itself.

Top 24 Audio Bible Podcasts For You To Follow In 2021

If you’re an avid podcast listener, you know there’s pretty much a podcast for every topic under the sun. Thankfully, if you’re constantly on the go, you can still spend time in the Word with a variety of audio Bible podcasts options. Here, we've curated our top 24 podcasts where hosts read Scripture using different translations, reading plans, and for different lengths of time.

How a Church in Texas Uses Digital Courseware For Spiritual Formation and Biblical Training

Recently, Calvary Christian Fellowship (CCF) in Kingwood, TX launched a unique, intense, and broad School of Ministry for their congregation. Mark Brocato, teaching pastor at CCF, worked with Redemption Seminary to craft a unique experience using digital courseware and even a chance for the students to earn their Master’s Degree. Pastor Brocato sat down with us recently to share how his church is utilizing technology, a partnership with Redemption Seminary, and dedicated staff to provide a world-class discipleship program. 

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