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3 Approaches Every Church Should Consider For Their Email Marketing Strategy

Your email list is one of your church’s most important digital assets. If your church is only sending out monthly newsletters—or worse—just funeral announcements, you're missing the mark. Your email list should be thoughtfully curated to build trust and add value in a way that leaves readers looking forward to your next update.

The Genius Way To Master Content Creation Without AI

What if you could stop racking your brain for great content for your church promos and website, and instead, use what’s hiding in plain sight? Great content is waiting for you—in your social media comments, baptism testimonials, lobby conversations, and more.

3 Reasons to Build a Digital Library (and 1 to Keep Your Print Books)

In today's fast-paced world, pastors and church leaders are constantly on the move, preaching, counseling, and meeting with their congregation. They must have access to the biblical resources they need at their fingertips, especially when they are pressed for time. Logos Bible Software offers a solution to this problem by providing a digital study library that is accessible and searchable from any device.

How To Bypass The ChatGPT Too Busy Lockout Message

ChatGPT Plus Gives Reliable Access ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence-based conversational platform built by OpenAI that enables users to interact with the AI content generation...

7 Examples of Text Messages Pastors Can Send To Church Members In December

The Christmas season is a busy time for everyone, and pastors are no exception. From planning extra services on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day to coordinating Christmas-related events, December can be a hectic month. Attendees and recent visitors are swept up in their own busy end-of-year schedules. When things get busy, texting can help remind people that someone is thinking of them, while everyone else tends to get caught up in their own holiday whirlwind.

10 Best Email Signature Generators for Church Staff

Not all email signature generators are created equal—some are simpler than others and some offer more customization options than others. Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there for churches of all sizes and budgets. Here, we share our 10 favorites.

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