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Top 3 Social Media Content Topics You Must Publish To Attract People Choosing A Church

What makes people choose one church over another? What really matters to people when they are deciding together, as a family, what church they will attend? I’m sure you have thought about this. Well, Pew Research Center actually asked people these exact questions and we are letting you in on the latest information.

3 Convenient Tools for Scheduling TikTok Posts

In 2-5 years, TikTok will be a core platform everyone will want to dominate—like Facebook or Instagram is today. By taking the time to schedule your TikTok posts in advance, you can also free up your time to focus on other tasks while still maintaining a strong presence on the platform.

12 Best Video Apps for Creating Reels Videos

Video is the new black., especially for social media. You KNOW you have to start focusing on creating more videos. Which app should you use? Here's a list of the top apps for editing Reels videos, based on our experience.

3 Tips for Improving Your Pastor's Social Media Presence

While churches should have a public social media page, pastors also should consider having their own personal one, too. Ministry is intimate work, and interacting through social media can give you a personal connection with the people you serve. Use these 3 tips to do it with ease.

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