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3 Approaches Every Church Should Consider For Their Email Marketing Strategy

Your email list is one of your church’s most important digital assets. If your church is only sending out monthly newsletters—or worse—just funeral announcements, you're missing the mark. Your email list should be thoughtfully curated to build trust and add value in a way that leaves readers looking forward to your next update.

5 Types of Content Your Church Website Should be Publishing To Attract More Visitors

Websites have become a virtual front door. As we continue to move forward into this new era of ministry, churches need to leverage their website to serve people who are thinking about faith. To capture these opportunities, churches should strategically publish content that engages and nurtures visitors on various topics and felt needs.

How to Create an Engaging and Informative Church Staff Page

Churches may invest time and resources into creating a visually appealing homepage, but neglect to create a comprehensive "Staff" page that accurately reflects the church's leadership and tone of the community. Let’s discuss why the "Staff" page is an important part of a church website and what should be included on this page.

The Genius Way To Master Content Creation Without AI

What if you could stop racking your brain for great content for your church promos and website, and instead, use what’s hiding in plain sight? Great content is waiting for you—in your social media comments, baptism testimonials, lobby conversations, and more.

3 Reasons to Build a Digital Library (and 1 to Keep Your Print Books)

In today's fast-paced world, pastors and church leaders are constantly on the move, preaching, counseling, and meeting with their congregation. They must have access to the biblical resources they need at their fingertips, especially when they are pressed for time. Logos Bible Software offers a solution to this problem by providing a digital study library that is accessible and searchable from any device.

9 Top Project Management Systems For Churches

Whether you’re managing a women’s ministry event, planning a youth group mission trip, or launching a community recovery program, a software management program is a heavy-lifting resource for a church. Keep reading to discover the top benefits, how ministries can benefit, and the best programs on the market.

Top 75 Easy Content Ideas for Pastors Beginning To Use TikTok

TikTok offers a unique opportunity for pastors and churches to increase their visibility, attract new visitors, and engage with people in a meaningful way. We have 75 content ideas for when you start using TikTok in your ministry.

7 Steps for Quality, Cost-Effective Church Tech

Church leadership and tech teams have a perennial problem: maintaining technology systems crucial for ministry, both in the sanctuary and online. While much of the decision-making process is focused on budget, it is even more important to develop a plan for upgrading, using, and supporting technology solutions. Having a process for tech purchases not only saves money in the long run but promotes good stewardship and mission focus.