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Church Tech Tip #39: 9 Planning Center Lists Every Kids Ministry Leader Needs

As a Kids Ministry Leader, it can feel like there are endless groups of people with whom you are responsible for communicating. Within @planningcenter People, lists are an excellent and often under-utilized resource for helping you stay organized. Here are 5 to check out and start using today.

 5 Essential Features of Church Management Software

If your church is like most, keeping track of everyone’s information is more than one person can handle. Keeping a church running smoothly can require a massive amount of data, from addresses and birthdays to giving records and volunteer schedules. Make sure to look for these 5 features when selecting church management software.

Church Tech Tip #35: 5 Effective Ways To Use Your Church Management System To Strengthen Retention

How can you use technology to help a new believer start their journey of faith? An in-person interaction has its benefits. You can establish a comfortable connection through a face-to-face conversation with someone who is starting their journey. Yet, how do you help them take their first step once they leave the church building that Sunday? Use a church management system to continue communicating with the new believer. Swipe to learn how!

Two Reasons Your Church Needs a Proven ChMS

Administration, data, and software aren’t the first topics people consider when they think of ministry. But back-office systems play a huge role in supporting front-line ministries by keeping track of volunteers, events, and key details. A good system will show ministry leaders which parents belong to each child in the nursery and where people are in the discipleship process.

Church Tech Tip #28: 6 Popular Church Management Systems That Already Include Online Registration

What tools do you use to manage the different ministry areas of your church? You might find that every ministry has different needs, which calls for different tools to track what needs to get done for each. Wouldn't it be great if you could find all those tools on the same platform? Here are 7 church management systems that let you do just that! These systems can also help you with online registration, making event planning and registration a breeze.

Church Tech Tip #18: Business Tech 101 For Churches

In past years, we have separated how businesses and churches run. The church isn’t about making a profit and getting more revenue, but that doesn’t mean there are a lot of things we can learn about operations and efficiency.

Church Tech Tip #14: Database Clean-Up Tips

Are you the type who sees a mess and ignores it, or one who can’t do anything else until the mess is clean? Even if you tend to face the mess head-on, sometimes the hardest part can be knowing where to start. Like any system, to keep Planning Center working most efficiently, you will want to clean up your data at regular intervals. Below are some suggested steps to get this process going.

4 Tech Tools to Help Ministries Thrive

The gospel is the underlying secret to a healthy spiritual church. But this doesn’t mean that churches should ignore the resources God has provided to amplify the gospel message. Today, we have the privilege of having access to numerous tech tools that are specifically designed to help ministries thrive.

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