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3 Events You Can Repeat That Welcome Visitors

One of the most beneficial initiatives a church can take on is organizing large-scale events that attract newcomers, making it easy for members to invite and welcome visitors. Here are 3 to get you started along with some tips for keeping in communication with those visitors.

8 Digital Giving Stats You Need to Know

Without a good grasp on how our people use digital giving options, churches can very easily misplace their time and resources on methods that aren’t as effective as others. Here’s a list of digital giving stats to help.

Tuesday Tip: Don’t Scrap Your Site. Do This Instead.

Ever wonder if your church website is worth the effort? Just because you haven’t seen a lot of traffic recently doesn’t mean that you should scrap it. You just need to make some basic changes. In a recent article, guest author Matthew Payne made some great suggestions.

10 Popular Check-In Solutions for Churches

Talk to children’s ministry workers and one of their top three worries on a Sunday morning is keeping kids safe. Also on that list is making sure the parents are aware of the safe-and-secure efforts that have been instituted on behalf of their most prized possessions.

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