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Church Tech Tip #46: 4 Top Takeaways for Doing Online Church Services Well

All the leading voices agree — online church services are not just recording church. So how can you do it well? Mary Jahnke has shared what the experts agree upon when it comes to a philosophy of online church. Here are a couple of those principles.

Church Tech Tip #45: Digital Bulletins Example: How to Create One for Church Services

Digital bulletins aren’t hard to create. They provide a connection point with your congregation at your services. Unlike a traditional printed bulletin, digital service bulletins include various interactive elements that help your church family see a clear picture of what’s going on at your church.

Top FAQ's About PTZ Cameras For Live Streamingk

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras are becoming increasingly popular in churches for their ability to enhance live streaming and video recording of services. With the rise...

Church Tech Tip #42: 6 Steps to Engage Live Streaming Worshippers

Not long ago, I read an article arguing that live streaming doesn’t benefit the Church. Is that true? Surely, we have refined our process and found ways to engage live stream worshippers, making it easy for them to pivot to in-person worship if they decide that’s an option for them.

Church Tech Tip #41: 3 Digital Ministry Stats To Direct Your Strategy

Does your church have a well-defined digital ministry strategy to engage with people who are outside the church and outside the faith? In an article by guest writer Tony Morgan @tonymorganlive, we explore the 3 stats that will inspire you to take digital ministry to another level.

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