2 Ways to Increase Summer Giving

While we love the warmer weather that summer brings, church leaders tend to dread a decrease in giving. More families on vacation lead to a drop in attendance and therefore, less giving. Thankfully, there are ways to increase summer giving and beat the summer giving slump.


9 Church Facilities Conferences

The buildings where congregations meet each Sunday aren’t just brick, concrete, and hardware. These are facilities God entrusts to us to serve Him and His church. As you look for the best tools and methods for creating and maintaining excellent church facilities, these church facilities conferences are an excellent resource.


7 Custom Church Graphics Subscription Options

As we continue to see the need for online communications, custom church graphics are a helpful tool in communicating a church’s message. Many churches don’t have a full-time graphic designer on staff.


4 New Worship Planning Software Options

The industry leader in worship planning software has been Planning Center for many years. Now, several new church service scheduling options are available. Some of these new options have been developed by well-known church management software (ChMS) companies with the aim of rivaling current options on the market.