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3 Reasons You Should Start Live Streaming Before Christmas


Church live streaming has one goal: connecting viewers to the Christian message. Broadcasting a sermon or other church event isn’t a newfangled idea. It’s an easy way to harness the power of affordable technology to communicate your message. Live streaming makes it easier for those who cannot attend in person (or those who are attempting to get to know your church from afar before attending) to encounter the message you’re striving to share. 

One might envision only mega-churches with high-end cameras and elaborate stage lighting are using live streaming to achieve this goal. However, the reality is that even the smallest, most traditional churches are adopting live streaming. They use it as a way to deliver their message to both their homebound, elderly members hungry to remain a part of the church and prospective new members who are accustomed to sampling a “virtual experience” before physically walking through the doors. 

With this in mind, we’ve put together three reasons you’ll want to start a church live stream before Christmas. This is a pivotal time of year to share the story of Christ.  

#1 – Share Special Moments With Church Live Streaming

Christmas involves some very special ceremonies, including singing performances and nativity reenactments. Oftentimes this means children (and adults!) warming our hearts with endearing performances.

Karen Willcut, Creative Media Director at Foothills Church, shares their live streaming Christmas success story:

Over the past few years, our Children’s Ministry has put together a Christmas program for parents and family to attend. We decided to share a private live stream of the event, targeted towards relatives who don’t live in town or aren’t able to attend. We have grandparents who live in another state or can’t get out, and this allows them to watch their grandkids up on the stage. They were so grateful for that opportunity.”

#2 – Beat the Weather 

While we may all dream of a white Christmas, the downside is that inclement weather can have a direct impact on church attendance. Starting a church live streaming service will allow your pastor and staff to reach those who do not attend for fear of icy roads or an impending blizzard. Just because everyone is snowed in does not mean that the message of Christmas and the church community should reach fewer people. 

By launching a church live stream, you’ll be able to share that message, no matter where people are. Push your live stream to your website, Facebook page, and other social accounts. Your members and followers can be alerted to changes in plans and connect with your message from a safe place. Adding easy access to online giving and a chat host who can answer questions and take prayer requests will keep people feeling engaged and connected to the church.

#3 – Connect with Travelers 

Newsflash: many families travel during Christmas. Whether it’s to visit family or to take a vacation, a church live stream can keep them connected to your message even while they’re far away. Christmas is one of the most traditional, joyful, church celebrations. Live streaming your Christmas services will mean that those who are away can still be reminded of the true meaning behind the gifts they might be unwrapping. 

Imagine a family traveling across the country to stay with cousins who might not attend church. They will be able to share the Christmas Eve live stream with those relatives. Streaming technology can make these sorts of moments possible. Additionally, those who might be alone and unlikely to attend church for the first time at Christmas can experience your community. First, through live streaming and then move towards learning more in person. Making your service available with a church live stream is like opening a door for anyone. No matter where they are in their faith journey, you can welcome them into your church online.

Make Church Live Streaming a Christmas Gift of Connection

Launching a church live stream is a powerful way to connect people with Christ, and the Christmas story is a wonderful first message for those who are looking for a church experience. The thought of getting started might seem daunting, but there is no better time to get started. Find a quality team of experts specializing in church live streaming who can help you each step of the way, from advising on the right equipment for your budget to providing tech support when you need it the most: Sundays. Your live streaming team will support the way you connect.

Next Steps

The experts at ChurchStreaming are known for becoming an extension of your church staff.

ChurchStreaming has helped us move forward with our mission through our live stream in ways we never thought possible. The support team at ChurchStreaming is over-the-top incredible. They interact and help you as if they are sitting right there beside you,” shares Karen Willcut,  Creative Media Director at Foothills Church.

Right now, ChurchStreaming is offering 15 months for the price of 12, which means you can stream through two Christmas seasons for the price of one.

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