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5 Options for Bringing Thanksgiving to the Community


Thanksgiving is one of the most popularly celebrated holidays in the United States. On this day of thanks, families gather from near and far to be with their loved ones to celebrate all that they are thankful for. For those that do not have the fortune of having a family or do not have the means to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, the church steps in and serves the community for the greater good. No matter what community one resides in, there is always a need. The church in that community is called to cater to that need. There are many ways that the Church can bring Thanksgiving to the community.

Listed below are five of the best ways that this can be accomplished:

#1 – Serving Thanksgiving Dinner to the Community

Pastor Frederick Caldwell of Grace Community Fellowship Church in Atlanta, Georgia feeds thousands of people at his church’s annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner. GCFC’s main goal is to provide this dinner for the homeless. Many of these people are living in tents and under bridges, in hotels with children, seniors who live alone, and men and women who reside in ex-offender re-entry programs. Along with the Thanksgiving meal, those that attend will be provided with clothing, medical screenings, haircuts, manicures, and healthcare kits. In addition to all that will be provided, GCFC will provide transportation both to and from Thanksgiving Dinner.

#2 – Volunteer at a Local Homeless Shelter

During this time of the year, many families are in homeless shelters and suffering in other areas of their lives. Homeless shelters are in desperate need of volunteers to help them service those living in the shelters. This can be a great opportunity to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those that need some good news. True ministry is providing a natural need while having the goal of bringing others to Christ.

#3 – Turkey Giveaways

Turkey Giveaways are very popular among churches today. This is a great way to get involved and give back to your community. While giving out turkeys and other foods, you can pass out a handout about your church and the different programs it offers.

#4 – Blanket Drive

Around this time of year, the weather changes from scorching hot to frigid temperatures. We must keep in mind the less fortunate may not be able to buy blankets, coats, hats, scarves, and so on. Starting a blanket drive in your community for those in need would be a great way to celebrate the Thanksgiving season.

#5 – Host a Festival

Festivals are always fun. Holding a festival can be a way that the church brings Thanksgiving to their community. It is also a great time for people to come together and celebrate the festivities of Thanksgiving while donating for a great cause. A church can put together vendors and performers and charge a small admission fee. The proceeds can go to those of the community that are in need.

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