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Church Tech Tip #6: What's Your Live Stream Story?

When it comes to church live streaming, data can tell a really interesting story—it can show that people were engaged until announcements started, or that you’re reaching a lot of new people you haven’t met yet. It can even reveal how you’re ministering to people who live in other parts of the country or the world. Exactly which metrics should you be tracking? We’ve listed 4 below.

Church Live Streaming: The Ultimate Guide

Churches everywhere are constantly looking for new ways to engage with their audiences and increase their reach. For many, live-streamed services are the new norm. Whether they use it as a replacement for or in addition to traditional in-person gatherings, church live streaming has become a must-have for congregations wanting to reach and stay engaged with modern audiences.

Use Alexa Flash Briefings To Reach Your Church Members

Today, more than 41% of US households have a Smart Speaker in their home. What if churches could communicate with individuals using this kind of technology? What if we could provide daily encouragement and spiritual food for listeners? Good news! Churches are already using this technology to connect with their congregation, and you can, too.

Together We Discover The State of Church Technology

Oftentimes, we can make some very bold statements about how churches feel about technology, what they value, or what tools they are prioritizing. But instead of relying on assumptions to answer, Pushpay decided to ask the technology decision-makers and influencers themselves who are figuring out how to harness technology to help them meet their ministry needs.