5 Free Christmas Media Options For Your Church

If your church is cash-strapped this holiday, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise with little things like backgrounds for your worship slides. Here are a few of the best seasonal worship media assets (think things like worship backgrounds, social graphics, title options, and printable images) that you can get FREE this holiday season.

Christmas Event Planning Amid COVID-19

Planning Christmas events and services takes coordination, communication, vision, and attention to detail. In 2020, we’ll add Plan B and Plan C contingencies for COVID-19 and any other surprises this year holds.

7 Festive Church Videos to Use for Christmas

Churches have the opportunity at Christmas to reach people they wouldn't normally reach. Visitors abound and it can be a wonderful time to engage with people through the use of video. Many Christian media companies exist to empower churches with modern tools to convey an ancient message.

5 Ways to Leverage Your Holiday Church Services for Growth

Churches often welcome visitors to these services and see an increase in attendance. Guests may be friends and family of current members, and often these 'extras' only attend church a few times a year on these special occasions. These guests might also be looking for a new church home. 'Tis the season to make a good first impression.

Camera, Lighting, and Audio Tech for the Holidays

Christmastime in ministry world can be stressful. Sometimes we can wonder why we put up with all the long hours and crazy demands. But, this time of year can also afford us a chance to break out of the mold and do something a little different. You may decide to stretch your creative wings with video. If so, why not try to create something with enchantment (are we allowed to do that in church)?