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Read Through the Bible at Your Own Pace [Free Calculator Tool]


Perhaps you’ve heard that the person with an average reading speed can read through the Bible in a year by devoting less than 12 minutes a day. This sounds appealing, and there are certainly benefits to reading through the Bible in a year, but not everyone reads the Bible at the same pace. Some, like myself, prefer to read slowly, reflecting on the text.

A slower reading pace is especially important when meditating on Scripture. Reading slowly is also important if you want to set aside time for Bible study. Others may even prefer to read faster, trying to get an overview of Scripture. Some have more time available for their daily devotions and may be able to read through the Bible multiple times in a year.

With this in mind, a yearly Bible reading plan may not actually be what you need right now.

The True Purpose of a Bible Reading Plan

Drawing near to God as He renews your mind with His truth is far more important than checking daily readings off of a list. Don’t allow yourself to be pressured into beginning any yearly reading plan out of a sense of guilt. At the end of the year, having completed a reading plan isn’t the point.

In an article on Christianity.com, Joey Cochran points out,

If your driving motive to read the Bible is to get it done in a year, rather than to meet with the living God and become entranced by his glory, then you will burn out…

The point is for you to be refreshed and to grow spiritually. Any reading plan you choose should support this goal.

The value of a Bible reading plan is that it provides a helpful structure, freeing your mind to focus more on reading and less on trying to decide where you should read on any given morning. A reading plan will also help you travel through all of Scripture, not just the Bible books and passages you gravitate towards by default.

Because you are a completely unique individual at a specific point in your spiritual journey, the plan you choose should be one that is uniquely your own. What you need is a Bible reading plan tailored to your unique spiritual and emotional needs in this current season of your life.

A Bible Reading Plan Custom-Made for Your Reading Speed

MinistryVoice has put together a free calculator tool designed to help you find a Bible reading plan customized for your unique reading speed. This calculator will time how long it takes you to read through a sample passage of Scripture. It will then present you with a selection of reading plans to choose from, all with your unique reading speed in mind.

When using the tool, it is important to read the sample passage as you would during your daily devotional time. Don’t be afraid to pause and reflect on a verse if you feel God’s Spirit tugging at your heart. And don’t be afraid to read the passage quickly if that’s how you would normally read it. The point is to find a reading plan that complements your unique, individual reading pace.

There is no higher pursuit than growing in a relationship with God as you walk with Him through His Word. Click the image below to use this free tool and find a Bible reading plan perfect for you!

Click to try free reading plan tool

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