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5 Tips for Reading the Bible More in 2019

Every year, as people set New Year’s resolutions, the YouVersion Bible App sees an increase in Bible engagement. On average, the number of daily active users in January increases by approximately 20 percent compared to the previous month. To help people keep those resolutions, YouVersion has developed different ways to make daily Bible engagement a habit.

Read Through the Bible at Your Own Pace [Free Calculator Tool]

Perhaps you've heard that the person with an average reading speed can read through the Bible in a year by devoting less than 12 minutes a day. This sounds appealing, and there are certainly benefits to reading through the Bible in a year, but not everyone reads the Bible at the same pace.

9 Important Technologies for Every Church Plant

Planting a church is hard work. In the early stages, a small group of people handles the brunt of the workload. Sunday set-up, child care, budgets, communications, you name it. Resources may be low, but solutions are still necessary. Thankfully, technology can help ease some of the burdens.

5 Reasons You Should Embrace Digital Bible Study

The last decade has seen both an avalanche of digital innovation and a responding flood of discussion about the ways that innovation is improving—or degrading—our lives. You've probably read or participated in plenty of discussions about whether or not ebooks are "better" than print books. As an employee of a book publishing company, I've seen publishers struggle, not always successfully, to identify which book-related behaviors can be replicated (or even improved) in a digital context.

5 Reasons You Should Take Your Bible to Church

Several years ago I posted a “tongue in cheek” article about NOT bringing your Bible to church. A number of readers missed the humor in it completely. As the conversation unfolded one interesting thought emerged. Many people lack the self-control to just read their Bible during church and not text, Facebook, Tweet, check email, etc. This article is a response to my original article. This time taking a positive, non “tongue in cheek” approach to ways you can “bring your Bible to church.”