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5 Free Christmas Media Options For Your Church


The most wonderful time of the year is here and, as always, this year comes with some pretty great free media gifts for ministries across the globe. 

Running a church can be a pricey activity, particularly during the tech-happy 21st-century. Even small churches are expected to put a serious number of resources toward running their services. Projection, sound equipment, live stream gear, and plenty of other expenses are constantly creeping into the picture.

Suffice it to say that keeping a church running — no matter what the size — can cost a pretty penny. If your church is cash-strapped this holiday, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise with little things like backgrounds for your worship slides. After all, after paying for the computer, projector, screen, and set up costs, the last thing that you want to do is put up a backdrop for your lyrics that consists of a low-quality image or, even worse, the infamously uninspired “solid black background.”

Instead, here are a few of the best seasonal worship media assets (think things like worship backgrounds, social graphics, title options, and printable images) that you can get FREE this holiday season.

Merry early Christmas to all!

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5 Free Media Options for Your Church This Christmas

1. Ministry Designs

Ministry Designs is well known as a church website builder. But did you know that they also have a sizable church graphics library that is absolutely free? This contains a diverse selection of exquisite graphics that are applicable to both seasonal and year-round uses.

When it comes to your Christmas services, in particular, they’ve got you covered with a fully stocked Christmas selection located right on the home page of their free media library. They also release a Christmas-themed bundle of media assets each year that you can access in their sermon series graphics resource SEED, 100% free by using the code: journey2021. 

Ministry Designs make sure to offer free Christmas imagery as a bonus resource for anyone looking to improve the aesthetics of their holiday services. 

The best part is, using the company’s free media library won’t just equip you with an arsenal of incredible seasonal images. It can also be a great way to explore the resources offered by one of the best church website builders available.

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2. Church Marketing University

Church Marketing University (CMU) is another site with an impressive free resource selection. From free trials and events to guides, videos, and tools, the site is a treasure trove for anyone looking to improve their church’s marketing ROI.

CMU is also aware of the ongoing need for quality Christmas worship backgrounds. That’s why they offer a bundle of images each holidays season. 

Now, this one isn’t openly available, as are most of the others on this list. However, if you can access it, it does come free. The way you do that is by going to their Christmas page and entering your email.  

Members of the group get access to the bundle when it goes live. This doesn’t just answer your image needs. It also adds you to a vibrant online community focused on an area that is very relevant to your ministry.

3. Pixel Preacher

Pixel Preacher is a site devoted to church media. From loops to countdowns, overlays to titles, this site has something for any visual need or occasion.

Most of Pixel Preacher’s content comes at a cost — albeit an affordable one. However, the site also has a page full of free bundles that help people try out their service. 

There are several items scattered across this page that can be very helpful for the Christmas season. As of writing this post, there is a gorgeous snow loop right above the fold that can be a great addition to any holiday service.

Signing up for some free goodies on Pixel Preacher is a great way to stock your holiday image pantry with the goods this season. It’s also a nice way to introduce yourself to a massive online image repository that can be a lifesaver down the road if you’re willing to put a little money into the deal.

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4. Igniter Media

Igniter Media is another great free media option for churches. The experts at Igniter are constantly coming up with trendy, professional graphics that can instantly take a service from dull to polished.

The company also has a nifty Christmas graphics bundle called “Winter Wonderland” that comes replete with 150 different files. Once again, these are completely free, although they require signing up via your name and email address (nothing is ever really free, right?)

Still, this one is well worth the cost of being on yet another email list. It comes with 16 blank worship backgrounds as well as social graphics and other images for use throughout your service. What’s more, if you like the quality, you can go back to the site for any number of other paid and free media options in the future.

5. Church Motion Graphics

Elevate your church's worship graphics when you access the free media available through these 5 excellent media sites.

Church Motion Graphics (CMG) is a big shot in the graphics world. They have a very large, well-curated selection of images that address everything from worship services to holiday food drives.

CMG doesn’t have a stand-alone Christmas bundle that it offers. Instead, the company has collected all of its Christmas media assets into a single page on its site. Some of these are mini-bundles. Others are single images or motion graphics. These apply to a variety of different media uses, with many worship backgrounds in the mix.

You can also use their search function to find any Christmas-related image posted across the entire site. Just make sure to look for the “free” sign on each image. If it isn’t there, it may require a purchase.

CMG’s massive selection is good for more than just the holidays. It’s another resource that is great to have up your sleeve any time you’re looking for a way to spruce up your church’s content.

Even church media giants like Church Motion Graphics offers free media that will suit a variety of occasions, from worship services to food drives. No excuses -- find some great media this Christmas.  Click To Tweet

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Finding Worship Backgrounds This Christmas

Worship backgrounds and media are one of the easiest things to forget about as you prep for your Christmas services this year. Rather than letting your projection team scramble as they set up on the Sunday before Christmas, find a good pack of free media like Christmas worship backgrounds right here, right now.

That way, when everyone arrives ready to celebrate and your Christmas service officially fires up, you don’t lose a second of time scrambling or an ounce of sweat fretting as you load up pre-selected worship backgrounds that perfectly fit the festive mood.


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