Top Bible Podcasts To Subscribe To In 2023

One of the major benefits of audio Bible podcasts is that they allow people to listen to the Bible and discussions around Biblical topics on the go. Whether you are commuting to work, going for a walk, or working out at the gym, you can easily listen to a Bible reading plan and incorporate the Word of God into your daily routine.

8 Church Online Podcast Episodes From Season 3

Listen in as Kenny Jahng strikes up conversations about the current and future state of digital ministry. Each episode brings you insights and experiences, like how to design an excellent online experience, whether or not your church’s identity matters, and how to strategize your church’s online service, just to name a few.

New Podcast About Engaging Visitors For Church Communicators Launched

A brand new podcast in the church tech space has been launched. The Tech In Church Podcast talks about stories and strategies from everyday church communicators who use simple tech tools to go from frazzled to focused.

Managing Domain Names Well

Do you want to go behind the scenes of managing internet domain names for your church? How many domain names do you have? Kenny Jahng and DJ Chuang sit down to nerd out on domain names in today's episode of the Church Online Podcast.

How to Upgrade Your Domain Name

Do you know what would be an effective upgrade to your domain name?  Kenny Jahng and DJ Chuang discuss some key questions: Why is upgrading your church's domain names a smart move? What's actually involved in switching domain names? Kenny and DJ run down a checklist of things you need to take care of and pay attention to regarding a successful domain name transition and upgrade. Have you considered changing your domain name? Now might be the right time to consider it or add a new one to your church communications repertoire.

3 Ways to Increase Engagement with Beautiful Web Links

Let's talk about different ways to use domain names in marketing and communications. Is there more than just a link that goes to a website? In today's episode of the Church Online Podcast, Kenny Jahng and DJ Chuang talk about 3 ways to increase engagement with beautiful web links.

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