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Using ChatGPT and Jasper AI To Write Announcement Scripts For Church Services


In the modern age of technology, it is becoming increasingly common for church leaders to use software and other digital tools to enhance their work in ministry. Recently, one such tool that can be used is generative AI. You've heard of ChatGPT by now – an AI-driven natural language processing chatbot. Jasper AI is another leading genAI tool.

Today, I wanted to talk about using this new technology for creating church service announcements so that they are more compelling, and more varied, helping to make them more engaging and relevant for the congregation.

using chatgpt for church

For those not familiar with ChatGPT, it is an AI-driven natural language processing chatbot with large investments by Microsoft. It can help create personalized content for various types of contexts, such as Sunday services, church events, discipleship curricula, and more.

The use of ChatGPT to help with messaging used during church services is particularly beneficial because it can help make announcements more specific to each service’s context. Without being intentional about presenting announcements in new and varied ways, many church members may become bored or disengaged when hearing the same phrases repeated over and over again from the pulpit. Even worse, some members may simply tune out altogether if they feel as though their spiritual needs are not being adequately addressed by the sermon or other parts of the service.

Below is an actual example of an AI Prompt I constructed for a sample announcement that your church might actually have use for — recruiting volunteers while welcoming newcomers to your community and proposing they get involved further in the life of the church.

Take a look at the actual prompt and the sample outputs from both ChatGPT and Jasper AI.

Actual AI Prompt Used To Generate Church Announcement:

Act as a pastor who is planning the Sunday worship service.

“Using the ‘Before-After-Bridge' framework, please write a stage announcement script to use during a church service that presents the current situation where someone who has started to attend our church hasn't made that many new friends yet. But that can be one of the biggest benefits of joining the church community. This is something faced by many recently new church attendees.

Show them the world after joining a volunteer team at church and how it has improved their situation.

The call to action should be to look for the “Volunteers Rock!” sign in the lobby after service. Someone will be there to answer questions and share the different types of volunteer roles.

chatgpt pastor announcement prompt

Actual ChatpGPT Output:

Notice I used the Before-After-Bridge copywriting framework which is a tried and true approach to craft compelling messages. ChatGPT followed the instructions and included labels for each section so it's super clear what is going on.


Before: Good morning everyone! As we come together today, I want to take a moment to speak to those who are new to our church community. We understand that joining a new church can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to making new friends.

After: But we want you to know that making connections and forming relationships with others is one of the biggest benefits of being part of a church community. We've seen it time and time again – people who were once strangers becoming lifelong friends because of their shared faith and values.

Bridge: In fact, just last week, we had someone who's been coming for 2 months share with us how joining a volunteer team completely changed their experience of being part of the church. Before they started volunteering, they felt a bit lost and unsure of where they fit in. But after joining the team, they quickly connected with others who shared their passions and interests.

Now, this person feels like they have a purpose and a sense of belonging within our community. They're excited to come to church each week, not just to worship, but to see their friends and be part of something bigger than themselves.

And we want the same for you. So, I want to encourage you to take that step and just learn about options we have across all of our volunteer teams.

Conclusion: So, after the service, be sure to look for the “Volunteers Rock!” sign in the lobby. There will be someone there to answer any questions you may have and share the different types of volunteer roles available. We believe that being part of a church community is about more than just attending services – it's about building relationships, serving others, and growing in faith together. Thank you, and God bless.

Same Prompt, Actual Output from Jasper AI

I personally like how this version is more story-based. It opens a story loop and draws you into this micro-story of someone “just like me” sitting in the audience.


Good morning, everyone and welcome to our Sunday service. Today I’d like to talk about someone who has recently started attending our church, but hasn't yet made many friends. We believe that being part of a church community can be one of the greatest blessings anyone can receive, as it provides meaningful relationships with people we care about and look out for each other.

So what does it mean for someone to start fresh in a new church? Well, it can be a difficult time as they may feel like they don't have the same support network they had before. However, I'm here today to tell you that there are plenty of opportunities to build up your friendships here at our church!

Before joining us, this person was feeling a bit isolated and overwhelmed. Remote work isn't the most friend-inducing environment. They also were hesitant at the thought of starting over with new relationships in an unfamiliar environment like church. Coming to just Sunday services doesn't really lend itself to finding new friendships instantly.

But after joining a volunteer team at our church, their life changed dramatically! They found themselves surrounded by supportive people who were eager to help them fit into the community and make genuine connections with others. Being able to serve on this team filled them with purpose and helped them build strong relationships with those around them!

In short, the bridge from before to after is simply taking the extra step of learning about the volunteer opportunities available here at our church! If you're ever feeling alone or unsure about how you fit in here, know that there are always ways for you to get involved and grow closer with this community. So if this is the time for you to step the next step, look for the “Volunteers Rock!” sign in the lobby, where someone will be available to talk with you and help you find the perfect volunteer opportunity. Join us in serving others today so we can continue building strong relationships together!

Don't Stop Here Though

Now, when you read this as-is, it sounds pretty good, right!? But if you just took 5-10 minutes to improve it, include more contextual details, and highlight one specific low-hanging fruit volunteer opportunity, this can become a powerful announcement for your upcoming Sunday. (BTW, feel free to take this basic script and use it yourself for real! Let us know how it goes!).

There are so many other uses of generative AI tools if you are a pastor or church leader.

As you can see, generative AI tools can be really helpful, especially when you have writer's block, when you want to break out of the same way you talk about something each and every week, or to help provide some examples for your staff members to inspire them on how to craft compelling content in their work.

QUESTION: Are you still hesitant? or all-in on generative AI writing assist tools?

Kenny Jahng
Kenny Jahnghttps://www.kennyjahng.com
Kenny Jahng is Editor-In-Chief at ChurchTechToday.com. He also serves as Chief Innovation Officer at ChurchCommunications.com which has a community of 29,000+ church leaders. Kenny is a Certified StoryBrand Copywriter Guide and founder of Big Click Syndicate, a strategic marketing advisory firm helping Christian leaders build marketing engines that work. You can connect with Kenny on LinkedIn.


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