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I'm a husband to Kate, a father to Sophie and the founder of Ministry Designs . I built this brand with a team of friends to help churches more effectively communicate. Our ministry is serving your ministry.

3 Things Your Church Website Needs When Promoting Christmas Services

When you put a lot of work into Christmas services, the last thing that you want to have is a mediocre attendance on the day that you put everything into motion. On the contrary, with your ministry putting so much of your extra time and resources into the effort, you want to use the occasion as a way to pack everyone you can into the building. Here are three critical things that you want to have in place when promoting your Christmas service.

5 Free Christmas Media Options For Your Church

If your church is cash-strapped this holiday, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise with little things like backgrounds for your worship slides. Here are a few of the best seasonal worship media assets (think things like worship backgrounds, social graphics, title options, and printable images) that you can get FREE this holiday season.

Your Website Defines Your Communication Strategy

Defining the purpose of your website is most likely going to dictate the direction of a lot more than you likely realize. Here is the reality: by now, as church leaders, we know several things. We know that we need a website, it needs to feel modern, and it needs to look attractive. We know (or should know) that it needs to be responsive, that we want it to show up in Google, that we want it to be easy to add events and sermons … the list can go on and on.

5 Things to Look for in a Church Technology Partner

When researching technology partners for your ministry there are many different variables. What I'm going to talk about today are the five most important things you should consider when evaluating potential technology partners. If the technology partner you are considering values these five things, you can rest assured that everything else will fall into place. It's also important that the design looks nice and the user experience isn’t clunky. But if these five things are executed well, you can be confident the design and user experience will be of quality too. What I want to stress is that it's more important to understand why the company does what it does and how it does it, rather than whether or not they have a nice website with good sales.

Improve Your Church Website this New Year

As we roll into the new year and close out 2015, we look ahead to make improvements and growth for the upcoming year. Because technology is constantly changing and updating, our church website may not be up to current design and functionality standards. If you are missing any of the features mentioned below, you should seriously consider upgrading to a more modern design and content management system (CMS). Here is a set of features you should include in your church website's New Year’s resolution list.

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