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Top 20 Most Affordable Church Management Software Options [Infographic]


Affordability is one of the first criteria churches use when considering investing in a church management software solution (ChMS). Like any major purchase, pastors and church leaders will likely do a cost-benefit analysis before choosing a solution for their church. Knowing what features are available at certain price points and what features your church actually needs is essential to making a wise decision. Budgets vary, and luckily there are user-friendly ChMS solutions that fit every church financial plan.

Church management software provides churches the organizational support to manage their membership and financial needs in one platform. Many providers offer a range of scalable online services and features that are based on the size of your church’s congregation as well the number of features needed. So how does your church make a decision about which ChMS to use? Is it all about price?

Knowing your church’s available budget for the ChMS is necessary, and so is making a list of the reasons for purchasing the software. This list of reasons will be helpful when reviewing the features each ChMS offers and can become an analysis and planning tool to narrow the field of choices. Using this list, in conjunction with the church budget, will help decision makers hone in on the best solution that offers your church what it needs most and at the right price.

Here are the links to each of the top 20 most affordable ChMS solutions for 2018:

  1. Rock RMS
  2. ChurchTrac
  3. UCare
  4. Roll Call
  5. Church MemberLink
  6. Parishinfo
  7. Breeze ChMS
  8. MinistryTracker
  9. Servant Keeper
  10. IconCMO
  11. Church Office Online
  12. Continue to Give
  13. Planner Dale
  14. grplife
  15. infoodle
  16. SimpleChurch CRM
  17. Shining Light
  18. Elvanto
  19. Seraphim
  20. CDM+

This infographic (compiled by Capterra) shows the top 20 most affordable church management software solutions for 2018:

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