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Church Operations as Ministry

When we think of ministry, we tend to visualize a pastor preaching a sermon or elders praying with someone at the altar. What doesn’t often come to mind are tasks like proper HVAC maintenance, developing procedures for children’s check-in, or paying the utility bills.

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11 Best Nonprofit Discounts for Church Leaders

Do you want to know one of the reasons why churches are hesitant to use the latest technology? Because it’s expensive. But you already knew that. Just look at your shoe-string budget. But wait—there’s good news for cash-strapped churches who are still ready to upgrade their technology.

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5 Steps to Prepare for Natural Disasters

Natural disasters happen. Hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and earthquakes, are just a few examples of disasters that could disrupt your community. When disaster strikes, people will likely flock to your doors seeking practical help as well as spiritual comfort.

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