3 Ways to Increase Church Retention With Perfectly Timed Workflows

Seldom do we associate the interpersonal aspects of running a church with workflow and management systems. However, there is a lot to say about having a workflow that helps you connect with people, notice and follow up on new people, start conversations with new believers, and empower ministry leaders to do this, too.

Digital Bulletins Example: How to Create One for Church Services

Digital bulletins provide a connection point with your congregation at your services. Unlike a traditional printed bulletin, a digital service bulletin includes interactive elements, conveys important information to your church, allows people to take live surveys, download contact or calendar information, interact with Bible Trivia, and much more.

Top 5 Integrations with Planning Center

These Planning Center integrations will help you automate processes and minimize administrative burden. And they do so in a user-friendly manner, making it more likely that the people currently in your congregation and future visitors will become engaged and stay involved. 

9 Planning Center Lists Every Kids Ministry Leader Needs

As a Kids Ministry Leader, it can feel like there are endless groups of people with whom you are responsible for communicating. Within Planning Center People, Lists are an excellent and often under-utilized resource for helping you stay organized. Here are 9 to check out today.

How Neighborhood Research Can Reveal Ways to Reach Your Community

Who are the people in your neighborhood? Your church database is an incredible tool to help you discover unmet ministry needs for the folks who live, work, and play in your community. These steps will help you gain insights with your own neighborhood research.