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The Ultimate Guide to a Smart Church Building


Technology plays a vital role in the modern church, and “smart” technology is starting to transform how church buildings and facilities are managed. Smart church building technology also supports and provides new levels of church security which is a welcome benefit. Using smart tech can enhance the connection and communication within churches and bring a fresh approach to church management as well.

To create more engaging services and sermons, churches may install the latest sound and light systems. To stay organized, churches might begin using church management software. Upgrading the technology of a church’s physical building space is another enhancement that can increase the efficiency, safety, and well being of all who worship, work, and spend time at your church.

If your church has already invested in the best ChMS, lighting, sound, and AV systems, it may be time to consider making the church a “smart” building too.  The following guide presents the benefits of smart church building technology. 

Why Do I Want a Smart Church Building?

Smart buildings allow for a new level of security and convenience.

Better Security

How secure is your church today? Take this assessment to see where your church falls on the scale from “smart and secure” to “unknowingly unsafe.” Churches that rely on a lock and key system are not necessarily keeping the church, its people, and the tech inside it as secure as it could be.

An integrated security platform makes it easy to set alerts and even gives churches the flexibility to access church security from a mobile device. For individuals entrusted with access credentials (ie. “key-holders”), there is also a record of exactly who accessed the church and when.

Smart, cloud-based security solutions provide:

1 – Access controls that monitor door activity – notifications are sent when doors are opened, when doors are propped open or left ajar, and when an unauthorized person is attempting to gain access

2 – Integrated video surveillance systems – video can be viewed from the same platform as door events

For churches that integrate with video surveillance, these access events are tied to video so church facilities management teams can SEE exactly what transpired at a specific point in time or view real-time video.

More Convenience

Different people use church buildings in different ways and at different times each day and week. The challenge is being physically present on site to manage, monitor, and secure this usage.

Smart, cloud-based security solutions provide the ability to:

  • Create accounts for “key-holders” and send credentials to their smartphones so they can open doors using their mobile device
  • Deactivate access credentials at any time for any “key-holder”
  • Lock and unlock doors remotely if someone is locked out and create lock schedules so doors automatically lock and unlock at specific times

Management of smart church building systems can be run from a desktop computer or a mobile device. That means control of church building entrances and systems is available whether you are on-premise or not.

How Do I Make My Church Building Smart?

What makes anything smart? In tech terms, “smart” is the ability to automate, customize, simplify, and have what is needed on-demand. To make church security smart and easy:

1 – Look for a cloud-based access control provider who focuses on those same tenants. The solution you choose should give you the ability to:  

  • Automate: to save valuable time and manual work, and to be able to view access records and video remotely from your mobile device
  • Simplify: to manage all components from one system, including access control and video, and set up alerts for unexpected access events
  • Secure: to grant or revoke access, set up access schedules based on employee permissions, and grant temporary access to volunteers

2 – See how other churches are using smart technology. Find out how churches and organizations in the religious community are using smart security solutions to make their church more secure and streamline their operations.

3 – Look for solutions that can satisfy the changing and growing needs of your church from one cloud-based security platform.

Consider making your church a smart building. Make managing the security of your church simple. Make organizing access convenient. Say goodbye to lock and key security and open the door to a smart future.

Brivo Team
Brivo Team
Brivo is the original innovator of cloud-based physical security solutions for commercial buildings. Currently serving over ten million users, including many churches, Brivo offers a unified security platform. Their mission is to make the world a safer place by providing a subscription-based service for securing buildings using reliable, convenient, scalable, cyber-hardened technology.


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