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3 Smart Church Security Measures to Implement Right Now

Opening your church to visitors comes with numerous responsibilities that are not always obvious when you first set out on your journey. One responsibility that is of great importance is making sure your church is a safe place for people to hear about God and grow in their faith. That is why you need to have various security systems in place before you open your church.

U.S. Church Background Check Trends [Infographic]

Ministry Brands, the leading provider of church management software solutions, recently released data showing mainline Protestant and Evangelical churches are utilizing background checks at an increasing rate.

Top 6 Children’s Check-In Software Security Options

If your church isn’t yet using church software to check in children at church, this type of software can be a wonderful option to put in place to ensure the safety of children—both to protect them and to protect your church. Nearly all of the church management software systems offer check-in, and there are many options to consider. As you move through the process of deciding on a system, you’ll want to consider the speed of check-in, self-check-in vs. volunteer manned check-in. Cost is also a factor.

The Ultimate Guide to a Smart Church Building

Technology plays a vital role in the modern church, and "smart" technology is starting to transform how church buildings and facilities are managed. Smart church building technology also supports and provides new levels of church security which is a welcome benefit.

6 Ways to Preserve Your Church Building Against Security Threats

Churches are meant to be sanctuaries with open doors and safe spiritual spaces where people can enter and worship in peace and harmony. Church building security is a topic that has become critical in the last ten years and people want to know how they can make their churches safer.

2 Church Building Vulnerabilities That Could Cost You

Have you taken stock of how secure your church is from theft or violence due to unauthorized access to your building? It is of paramount importance that your members and staff are safe when they come to church. When members and their families are worshiping they should be and feel comfortable that the church premises is secure.