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10 Tech Ideas to Bless Your Pastor During Pastor Appreciation Month



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The Bless Your Pastor movement (#BlessYourPastor)  provides free materials to Christians and churches in order to honor pastors and clergy members. The goal is to help people share God’s love with their pastor and church staff, who often face financial struggles. 1 Thessalonians 5:12 calls Christians to show their deep appreciation to those who minister to them. Galatians 6:6 says people are to share all good things with the one who teaches them.

While October is Pastor Appreciation Month, with Pastor Appreciation Day the second Sunday in October, this list has wonderful ideas for blessing your pastor year-round.

Here is a list of the top 10 tech ideas to bless your pastor:

#1 – Discounted Digital Gift Cards

Discounted Digital Gift Cards make a great gift for pastors and church staff. GiftCardGranny.com is a good source for purchasing eGift cards at discounted prices for fast food, coffee shops, clothing, bookstores, department stores, restaurants, Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, furniture stores and many other places to bless your pastor or favorite church staff member(s). For example, for every church that distributes the 50 Creative Ways to #BlessYourPastor List and receives an appreciation offering, the NAE will send their senior pastor a grant-funded $150 Amazon eGift card.

#2 – Alexa Devices

Alexa Devices can sell for as low as $29.99. These devices are great for playing music on demand, getting news, setting alarms, scheduling appointments and much more at home or in someone’s office.

#3 – Best Buy Geek Squad Annual Membership

This membership will be a much-appreciated gift to help a pastor or staff member with any technology issues on their family’s tablets, laptops, desktops and cell phones.    

#4 – Bible Software

For many years, pastors had to purchase bookshelves full of books for their sermon preparation – concordances, commentaries, different Bible versions, lexicons, maps, Greek and Hebrew dictionaries, etc. Today, all these reference resources are available in one of the 5 best Bible study software programs 

#5 – Amazon 8 or 10-Inch Fire Tablet 

These affordable Amazon Fire tablets ($99 to $149) are great for kindle eBooks, music, movies, email, surfing the web, writing and so much more. They are easy to use and easy to carry anywhere. A bonus gift would be to include a Kindle eBook gift card with the tablet.

 #6 – Free Personal and Church Online Financial Courses

The NAEfinancialhealth.org website offers a God Is Your Provider Personal Finance online video course. This at-home course will help any person at any age and any income level to improve their financial health, save money, grow their income, find affordable health care, pay off debts, increase giving and much more. There are also training sessions on Church Generosity Best Practices, Bless Your Pastor, Bless Your Church legacy bequests, 40-Day Churchwide Generosity devotional and a Dave Ramsey private online course for pastor couples only.

#7 – Online Tickets

Give your pastor, church staff and spouses (and possibly their whole family) tickets to a sporting event, movie, musical, play, concert, ski hill, zip line, rafting, sports activity, amusement park or any other fun thing that could bless your pastor/staff couples and family.  You can give these tickets to them directly or invite them to attend with you. Pastor and staff families seldom have extra money for these fun activities. Your act of kindness will be remembered fondly for years to come.

#8 – Send a Text, Email, Note, or Make a #BlessYourPastor Social Media Post

Express your appreciation in writing to your pastor and staff members and consider posting a social media message with or without a graphic to show your appreciation. They often serve tirelessly with very little thanks. Your sincere digital message (or an old fashioned handwritten note or card) will lift their spirits and be a great encouragement to them.

#9 – Bless Your Pastor Campaign, Appreciation Offering, and $150 Senior Pastor eGift Card

On the BlessYourPastor.org website, you will find many grant-funded resources. There is a free seven-minute video and free materials for church boards and leaders to organize this effort at their church. When the #BlessYourPastor 50 Ways list is distributed and an appreciation offering is received, the NAE will send a $150 eGift card to the Senior Pastor. There are also free resources for individual Christians, pastors, and church staff on this website.

 #10 – Organize a Crowdfunding Campaign

If you find out that your pastor or a staff member have student loans or unpaid medical bills, organize a crowdfunding campaign or collect a special church offering to pay down or pay off their debt. In the NAE research on pastor finances, 30% of pastors have student loan debt averaging $36,039 and 25% have unpaid medical bills averaging $7,253. Many pastors and staff make low salaries that make it very difficult to pay back these debts. But in every congregation, there are caring people with extra financial resources that would be willing to help if they found out about this need.  

For more creative ideas on how to bless your pastor and staff, download the #BlessYourPastor 50 Ways List or visit BlessYourPastor.org.

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Brian Kluth
Brian Kluthhttps://blessyourpastor.org/
Brian Kluth is the national spokesperson for the BlessYourPastor.org movement. He is also a bestselling author, inspirational speaker for churches and conferences, and the national director for NAE’s Lilly Endowment grant-funded NAEfinancialhealth.org online resources and training courses.


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