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Subsplash Acquires Custom Church Apps, Aims to Equip Churches


The church technology industry continues to see consolidation as companies merge to offer advanced technologies to churches. While Ministry Brands has been the king of acquiring church tech companies and welcoming them into the fold, Subsplash is no stranger to acquisitions that can strengthen its offerings to churches.

Based in Seattle, Subsplash has just announced its acquisition of Custom Church Apps, a mobile app development company based in Austin, Texas. ChurchTechToday has had the pleasure of working with both these companies as sponsors over the years, so it feels like a bit of a marriage celebration. 

Both companies have proven track records in the church app space, elevating the customer to prioritize their congregations’ needs.

Our team is passionate about empowering churches to make the truth of Jesus incredibly accessible, engage their communities, and fuel their mission. We are immensely grateful to deliver technology to millions of people worldwide,” said Tim Turner, founder and CEO of Subsplash.

There is an opportunity to expand Subsplash’s impact. We are excited to acquire a company that shares our vision to ‘Equip Every Church’ with best-in-class technology. We also are excited to expand to a new office in Austin that will allow us to continue to better serve our clients.

United by common company culture and mission, this addition further solidifies Subsplash’s position as the frontrunner in the church technology market. It also enhances the company’s future growth and performance. 

History of Custom Church Apps

Custom Church Apps was founded in 2012 by Poncho Lowder, Craig Wishart and Glenn Ray in Portland, OR. They relocated their headquarters to Austin, TX in 2017. 

Our vision has always been to help churches better engage their communities in today’s mobile culture. Custom Church Apps perfectly aligns with Subsplash’s vision to equip churches around the world to better engage their audience and reach more people with the Gospel message. Our team has been so impressed with Subsplash’s culture and core values of humility, innovation, and excellence,” said co-founder of Custom Church Apps, Poncho Lowder. 

Poncho believes Custom Church App clients deserve the most robust platform to engage their church communities. Ideally, one that can build and manage their websites, mobile apps, online donations, and media. Subsplash’s award-winning platform seamlessly integrates all of these services, which brings incredible value to their churches.

Subsplash Today, and in the Future

Today, Subsplash serves over 10,000 organizations—including 50 of the 100 largest churches in the U.S. Their platform offers a suite of engagement tools through “The Ultimate Engagement Platform.™” This includes mobile apps, digital giving, websites, media delivery and more. 

Adding Custom Church Apps is just the beginning of many new, major developments that we have planned,” said Tim Turner. “The energy in our offices is tangible. Our amazing team is growing and we’re in a strategic position to continue leading the way with innovations for digital engagement tools to Equip Every Church.

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