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Touchpoint ChMS [Review]

TouchPoint launched in 2008 at Bellevue Baptist Church. Unhappy with the system they were using, they decided to build their own using developers on staff. Over time, other church leaders heard about their software and became interested in it. In 2015, they rebranded as TouchPoint and looked for a buyer to take on this business that the church never intended to start in the first place. The church wanted a company to purchase the software that would serve churches well. In 2017, The Pursuant Group bought TouchPoint Software. Since then, TouchPoint’s user base has tripled in size.

Digital Discipleship With Your Church App

With the recent events requiring us to worship from home in many places around the world, church apps are proving themselves highly valuable. Whether you have a church app, or you're looking to get one, how do you encourage digital discipleship through the platform?

Subsplash Acquires Custom Church Apps, Aims to Equip Churches

The church technology industry continues to see consolidation as companies merge to offer advanced technologies to churches. While Ministry Brands has been the king of acquiring church tech companies and welcoming them into the fold, Subsplash is no stranger to acquisitions that can strengthen its offerings to churches.

8 Most Affordable Church App Providers

Have you thought about using a dedicated church app to share sermon audio, video, and notes, to accept event sign-ups and offer a way for people to give digitally right from their pockets? Church leaders shouldn't overpay for a church app. For that reason, we're ranking this list of church app providers by affordability.

4 Key Church App Expectations

Leaders of faith-based organizations are noticing the growing demand for church apps—and it’s no wonder! The number of apps used per day is two times higher than it was in 2015, and people now spend 85% of their digital time on smartphones using apps. With the mobile-first population on the rise, these trends are likely to continue.

How to Choose the Best Church App for Your Community

Much thought goes into choosing a church app. Comparing features and pricing is important as churches go through the process of making a wise decision. It's also important to investigate details such as integration, security, and customization. After pulling together all the choices, churches should work with their teams to weigh each option carefully.

8 Top Church App Providers

Churches use many apps for presenting media, tracking membership, helping with budgets, and even updating their websites. Some churches also offer a church app primarily for people who attend their church. They contract with a church app provider to make an app that is branded for their church and focused on the needs of people in the pews.

10 Ways Church Apps Outperform Mobile Websites

Apps are an indispensable tool for accessing digital information and services quickly. There is an app for anything and everything, including churches. Why are apps so useful? Is it because they are fast and easy to use? Or because they sidestep the trouble of opening a browser, logging on to a website, and then searching for a desired function or feature? Of course, websites are amazing resources and necessary components of any healthy communications system, but when it comes to performance, speed, and agility - apps are definitely out in front.