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3 Tips for Improving Your Pastor’s Social Media Presence


A thoughtful social media presence can be a powerful ministry tool. 

Being a pastor is no easy task. You are expected to have advanced degrees and ministry training, off-the-hook preaching and people skills that reach every age group, and nonstop energy to deal with difficult people. In addition, many church members expect you to interact through social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.

While churches should have a public social media page, pastors also should consider having their own personal page. Ministry is intimate work, and interacting through social media can give you a personal connection with the people you serve.

But, the demands of using social media do not have to be overwhelming. Here are insights to help you navigate them.

A thoughtful social media presence can be a powerful ministry tool for pastors and ministry leaders.

3 Tips for Improving Your Pastor's Social Media Presence

1. Be authentic

There’s so much posturing on social media, from the perfect vacation photos to the perfect shot of all the kids getting along. At the same time, we all know people who tend to share a little too much of what’s really going on. You shouldn’t feel pressure to share everything, but what you do share should be personal and real. Let people see your human side. Show people you sometimes struggle with teaching God’s word and living as an imperfect person. Your parishioners will feel relieved to know you’re just like the rest of us.

Upload family photos, ministry photos, and even some photos of your cat. Pastors (and their spouses) should find the balance between showing a healthy family life and painting a picture that is too perfect.

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2. Be diligent

If checking Facebook, Instagram, or other social media is not part of your regular routine, you might need to set a reminder to check in once a day to post an update and interact with friends. If you stay away for too long, you could end up missing meaningful events. Many people in your church rely on social media to share what is going on in their lives. By checking in regularly, you’ll have more opportunities to connect, listen, serve, and be there for the people you care about.

One word of caution: When you see on social media that a church member is dealing with a major life event, consider reaching out to them privately. You can send a personal message on social media, but texting, calling, or emailing shows a deeper level of concern and support.

Pastors, instead of getting lost in the comments, reach out personally to friends who are posting about major life events on social media. A call or even a personal text fosters a much deeper connection.  Click To Tweet
A thoughtful social media presence can be a powerful ministry tool for pastors and ministry leaders.

3. Be strategic

Pastors should see social media as a ministry tool and use it in ways that advance ministry goals. This means you should probably steer clear of posting about controversial topics, which cause emotions to run high. It’s one thing to have a face-to-face conversation about those issues, but debating them on social media creates opportunities for anger and misunderstanding. I know countless people who have unfriended relatives and friends over repeated political rants and article links. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

So what should you post? Here are a few ideas:

  • Share things that communicate how you are trying to live out the gospel in your own life. 
  • Tell a story about something funny that happened at church or in your family (as long as it doesn’t incriminate anyone). 
  • Post prayer requests—just be sure you have permission, and make sure it isn’t something embarrassing or too personal. 
  • Share links to your latest sermon recordings or blog posts (if you don’t write a blog, you should start one.)

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Be sure to post on your own feed. Don’t be a social media “stalker”—someone who reads everyone else’s posts but never puts up anything of their own. You’ve got to interact with the things people share and share things from your own life, so others can interact with you.

The people in your church are on social media, so you should be there too. If you approach it with authenticity and diligence—and are strategic in what you decide to post—you can turn it from a distraction into a helpful ministry tool.

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This article has been adapted from an article originally featured in Ministry Team Magazine.

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