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5 Time-Saving Ways to Repurpose Your Social Media Content


Every social media manager is looking for the next new viral post idea. We can spend hours scouring the social media networks for the latest trends and creating content that we hope is the next big thing, but what if we already have the next big post? We just need to look back instead of forward.

Many times we forget to look back at our best-performing content. Repurposing our best content has been a game-changer for us. Not only does it save time because you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but it also creates a valuable margin to make more content, try out new social media features, respond to messages, or check other things off your to-do list. 


We have been repurposing content for a few years and have never had anyone complain about seeing it again. The secret is to choose posts that add value for them, not promotions that ask something from them. These value posts can be sermon quotes and Bible verses you haven't used for six months or longer. 

5 Ways to Repurpose Social Media Content to Reach More People

Reach more people when you repurpose social media content based on your church's past posts, sermons, and current events.

1. Repost the Exact Same Content

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes it’s as easy as posting the same graphic or video and caption as before. If it worked six months ago, it will probably work just as well, if not better, now. Just make sure to check that it still fits your branding and that the message it communicates fits the current state of our culture today. Something that was encouraging then could have an entirely different meaning now.

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2. Same Content, Different Look

Sometimes an older graphic has a powerful quote or Bible verse, but the look needs to be freshened up. This might have to do with a change in your branding, a seasonal campaign, or that a different graphic design style is currently performing better. In this case, keep the core content of the message and tweak the design. 

3. Create Carousels Around a Certain Topic

Carousels aren’t a new feature, but Instagram is rewarding carousel content that helps people solve a problem. If your Pastor has preached sermons or written quotes about a certain felt need topic, create a carousel from those. Topics such as “5 Ways to Overcome Fear” or “7 Bible Verses to Help Strengthen Your Marriage” are posts people will come back to again and again. Blog posts, sermon outlines, and curriculum from your church are great places to start looking for inspiration. 

Looking for social media content? Blog posts, sermon outlines, and curriculum from your church are great places to start looking for inspiration. Click To Tweet

4. Carousels of Your Top Posts

Instagram carousels can also reach many people even if the slides don’t look alike or follow a common topical theme. The post simply needs to add value to people as they are scroll through the app. If you have 3-5 individual graphics that already performed well, combine those into a new carousel post. If they ministered to people the first time on their own, they will likely do so again in this new format.

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5. Create Videos Using Top Posts as Inspiration

When you have single posts or carousels that perform well, consider making them into a video. This could be a video slideshow of the graphics or even one of your Pastors talking in depth about an existing quote or Bible verse. Even though it will take work to create a video, it’s worth the effort because you know the core content resonates with your followers, leading to a video that has the potential to reach new people who need it. 

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As you’re measuring your top posts’ performance, keep a record of which ones could be right for repurposing. You might be surprised how well a recycled post does with a little bit of effort. The more you repurpose your existing content, the more time you have to innovate, which could make the difference in reaching more people with the hope of Christ!

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Question: What other ways have you found to repurpose your top-performing posts?


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