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5 Reasons Why Your Church Needs a Social Media Coordinator


If you want to extend your church’s reach, you need to go where people are. In this day and age, that means getting comfortable with the world of social media.

Adults spend an average of five-and-a-half hours per week engaging on social media. That number has jumped by 36% since 2015.

If posts, follows, and snaps aren’t your cup of tea, or you simply don’t have time to commit to learning how to use social media, it’s time to consider making room in your marketing budget for a social media coordinator. Keep reading to discover the top 5 benefits hiring a professional can bring to your church.

1. They Can Help You Communicate With More People

Online communication can be tricky. You have to choose your words carefully and your meaning can get lost easily. That’s where a social media professional can really make a difference.

They know how to communicate online so your words make the biggest impact. They will take your message and tailor it to fit different demographics. With a little strategy, they can reach out to a younger audience and make more people aware of your church.

2. They Excel at Using Different Types of Media

Your coordinator won’t just tweet, share, and tag. They can generate a variety of content that will attract more attention and really spread your message. This includes images and video.

Visual content is an especially effective way to get more eyes on your church. In fact, social posts that include an image increase engagement by 650%.

A social media coordinator can take photos of your sermons and events or create inspiration quote images for church members to share.

3. Their Skill Set Can Complement Yours

Maybe you excel at writing your sermons, but you have trouble translating those sermons into blog posts. Or maybe you’ve tried tweeting, only to find that 140 characters aren’t enough to say what you wanted.

A social media coordinator can help. Most are experienced writers and they know their way around the complexities of each platform. They’ll translate your thoughts into quick, easy-to-digest posts and publish them where they’ll be most effective.

4. They Can Streamline Your Communication

Say goodbye to all those late nights you spent at your desk trying to figure out WordPress. Your coordinator will not only handle these posting duties for you, they’ll automate them when they can and streamline the entire process.

Your coordinator can schedule your posts in advance, making sure to choose times when they have the best chance of being seen.

5. They May Bring More Viewers to Your Sermons

The ultimate goal of social media strategy is to get more people in the pews every Sunday so they can sit under the preaching of God’s Word and grow spiritually through worship and fellowship. Sometimes, however, people just can’t be there in person. In this digital age, that doesn’t mean they have to miss out.

Your coordinator can help you stream virtual sermons online. They can set up live events via Facebook or host videos on your website so your words can reach people all over the world.

We hope these 5 benefits have caused you to at least consider the value of bringing a professional social media coordinator to your church team! Hiring someone for this role will, of course, depend on your budget and the size and goals of your church.

If you are unable to hire a coordinator, we recommend at the very least finding someone tech savvy in your church who is comfortable utilizing various social media platforms to help your church communicate online. There are more than likely young people in your congregation who are very skilled at social media already and could easily learn what they don’t know.

Here are some links to a few social media coordinator jobs at churches that might help you with your own job description:

Do you have any experience using a social media coordinator for your church, or any questions about this? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ryan Haught
Ryan Haughthttps://www.ministryvoice.com/
Ryan is the Co-Founder of Ministry Voice and enjoys sharing resources and tools to help churches and Christian nonprofits have a greater outreach.


  1. I agree that online communication is really important. Having someone in charge of this will ensure your church is targeting the right demographic on social media too, like you mentioned. Social media will help you reach far more people than you would normally be able to.


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