5 Great Facebook Live Tips for Churches

Facebook has provided a great way to stream live at no extra cost. Before smartphones and Facebook were born, churches had to use a TV or a radio station to stream their program live.

Using Video in Your Church Facebook Page Header

Facebook has added the ability to upload video for your church's Facebook page cover. This is exciting news because it means that visitors have one additional way to preview your church, aside from your church website. In this article, we'll walk you through the simple steps to update your Facebook cover with video to have an even better impact in your community.

7 Ways Your Church Can Use Social Media This Easter

Easter is just around the corner and if you haven’t started promoting your Easter service or pageant on social media yet, now is a great time to start. Not only is Easter one of the most attended church services of the year, but it’s also a great time to share the good news with people who may not have heard it before. When creating your Easter social media strategy, It’s important to tell your unique story of your church. Every church is different and you want to explain how you stand out. Below are seven tips you can use to promote your Easter service on social media this year and tell your story.

6 Steps to Posting on Instagram

Is your church finally ready to dive in and start using Instagram? While you're nowhere near the last church on earth to take the plunge and join the Insta-church party, you will be joining this online community at a time when the platform is at its peak. Churches and users have learned some pretty savvy tricks to keep their accounts visible, viral, and performing their best. So where do you start?

10 Practical Ways Your Church Can Use Instagram Now

Instagram has become the ‘place to be’ for social sharing of images and videos for individuals, businesses, and organizations like churches. With nearly a billion users, it also seems to be the place for fun. Ask any millennial and they will say Instagram is where they spend their time following and catching up on the news of the day and with their own social circles.

5 Traits That Differentiate Instagram From Other Social Networks

What makes one social network stand out from the rest in our techno-saturated, app-centric digital world? Instagram has taken the world by storm and created legions of devoted users and followers. 2017 saw its member base surge to 800 million individual users and 25 million business users.

Instagram Basics [Free ebook]

Instagram is not a revolutionary social network, it is fairly limited in its approach to using and analyzing if what we do is effective. The visual social networking model on which Instagram is based, as a whole, is still greatly maturing into something more. Yet, organizations are diving into this network and finding great success in sharing their message, as well as a new marketing campaigns, to followers.