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First Ever Conference Held In Virtual Reality For Church Communicators Aug 22-23


The first Church Communicator Conference is being held August 22-23 and it is the first church communications conference to be held in the metaverse. 

The organizers believe this is the perfect time to gather church communicators in person, without the need for travel. The metaverse allows attendees to participate as if they were in person from without the costs of travel. 

While the conference takes place in the metaverse, through AltSpaceVR, the theme is church communications, specially as it relates to small churches.

A VR headset is required to attend the conference in the metaverse, however a 2D experience is available through the AltSpaceVR app (available for PC and Steam and in Beta for Mac users). 

Users are required to register to attend but tickets are free. For more information and to register go to https://www.churchcommunicatorconference.com/metaverse.

As the overall lead of this conference and a church communicator herself, Barbara Carneiro encourages church communicators, lead pastors and creatives to attend the conference where practitioners address current challenges faced by accidental church communicators. 

The two-day event presented by the Accidental Church Communicator will consist of 18 speakers and one discussion panel. Details and registration are available on the conference website: https://www.churchcommunicatorconference.com/metaverse.

Conference schedule

Details of the full schedule keynote speaker sessions and workshops is available on the Church Communicator Conference website

Speakers and talks include:

  • Adam Morris (Victory Church): WTF: What the Feedback?
  • Barbara Carneiro (Word Revolution): Strategy is not a curse word
  • Cassandra Smith (Launch Your Message): How to build a content calendar for your ministry
  • Daniel Edeke (Daniel Edeke): Creativity is divine
  • Jeanette Yates (Text In Church): Bridging the technology gap in multi-generational churches
  • Jeff Reed (Digital Church Network): Panel with Jate Earhart, Mark Lutz & Stuart McPherson
  • Justin Nava (Nava Church Marketing): Developing a culture of change: how to get your team on board without pulling your hair out and retreating to a corner
  • Garrett Gerhart (Life Bible Fellowship Church): How to stop the last minute communication request
  • Katrina McMillan (Celebration Baptist Church): Communicating through natural disasters
  • Matt Curtis (Lunchtime Heroes): How to be a healthy creative
  • Melanie Poteat (Mels Media Co.): Building your team from the inside out

and others. 

Registration for free is available at https://www.churchcommunicatorconference.com/metaverse.

About The Accidental Church Communicator

The Accidental Church Communicator is a 7-week church communications program to train leaders on how to implement a pastor-friendly church communication plan, even without a budget. For more information visit the website or join the Accidental Church Communicators Facebook group

Barbara Carneiro
Barbara Carneirohttp://wordrevolution.com/
Barbara is the founder of Word Revolution, a communication and design agency for Christian ministries and the brain behind 4:12 Lab, a training program for Church Communication. She is Christ follower, forever curious strategist, minimalist designer, storyteller, and geek. You will make her happy with a white chocolate mocha. 


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