Barbara Carneiro

Barbara is the founder of Word Revolution, a communication and design agency for Christian ministries and the brain behind 4:12 Lab, a training program for Church Communication. She is Christ follower, forever curious strategist, minimalist designer, storyteller, and geek. You will make her happy with a white chocolate mocha. 

The Genius Way To Master Content Creation Without AI

What if you could stop racking your brain for great content for your church promos and website, and instead, use what’s hiding in plain sight? Great content is waiting for you—in your social media comments, baptism testimonials, lobby conversations, and more.

Benefits of Video Conferencing Tools for Bible Studies

On a weekly basis, 15 women from countries across North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia gathered together through a Zoom video conference — Bible study notes in hand — ready to discuss the book of Romans. Using video conferencing software for a Bible study may be a novelty to many and very foreign to some, and as technology evolves we face new opportunities to use tech for good.

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