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6 Simple Ways Texting Can Impact Your Church


Communication is vital to building successful relationships and establishing a connection to those around you. In our fast-paced culture, texting is a favored form of communication. There are a lot of benefits to text communication to get information out to a large group of people. However, it also provides the opportunity to hold a one-on-one text message exchange with a subscriber. 

As humans, we are hardwired for connection. Why is connection so important? In his book, Today Matters, John C. Maxwell states,

Think back to the most important experiences of your life, the highest highs, the greatest victories, the most daunting obstacles overcome. How many happened to you alone? I bet there are very few. When you understand that being connected to others is one of life’s greatest joys, you realize that life’s best comes when you initiate and invest in solid relationships.

There is a level of joy and contentment found in having a healthy connection to those individuals around you. 

You can, in a matter of moments:

#1 – Offer Encouragement or Congratulations After a Major Life Event

Let your members know that you are thinking about and praying for them. Letting people know you care in this digital age can be quick and simple while still remaining meaningful and impactful. 

#2 – Text a Volunteer About an Outreach Opportunity 

It’s never a bad idea to remind your volunteers about their report time or other important pieces of information before an event or activity. By setting-up a church texting list, you can send a text to all the volunteers at once, or even schedule the text in advance. 

#3 – Follow-up With First-Time Visitors

We all know how critical it is to make our first-time guests feel welcome! Consider sending visitors a short series of follow-up texts, thanking them for attending and inviting them back next week.

#4 – Communicate a Prayer Request or Praise Report 

We all know how powerful prayer can be in people’s lives and circumstances. Being available to pray for your members is one of the best ways to show your love and support to the people you are leading during times of stress and trouble. And yes, you can use text messaging for prayer requests too.

#5 – Text an Event Update

Texting makes last-minute communication a snap! With 90% of text messages being read within three minutes, texting is the perfect way to send quick updates to your event attendees. 

#6 – Gather Feedback After an Event

Once your event is over, send out a text message to the attendees. Include a link to a form or survey to gather feedback.

Texting your members and volunteers provides an easy, consistent opportunity to connect.

One final tip: if you’re currently texting church members from your personal mobile phone, you may want to consider using a church texting service to keep your personal number private and add an extra layer of personal accountability. A texting service can also help you to keep in touch with people on your schedule. Rather than receiving texts on your personal phone 24/7, you can log-in and respond to texts at the times that work best for you.

Connection and communication are two keys to growing a healthy and successful organization. Your members will love knowing that a caring pastor is just a text away. They’ll also feel comfortable reaching out with questions, responding to your inquiries, or giving you an update. And that’s what it is all about, being connected!

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Joe Hohman
Joe Hohman
Joe Hohman is the founder and lead developer of MojoTxt, a text messaging service for churches and nonprofits. While on staff at a church as a service production and technology director, Joe saw first-hand that churches needed a dedicated and customizable way to text their members. When Joe is not busy writing software, helping churches with production, or flying an airplane, he is raising his 4 kiddos with his wife of almost 20 years.


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