Joe Hohman

Joe Hohman is the founder and lead developer of MojoTxt, a text messaging service for churches and nonprofits. While on staff at a church as a service production and technology director, Joe saw first-hand that churches needed a dedicated and customizable way to text their members. When Joe is not busy writing software, helping churches with production, or flying an airplane, he is raising his 4 kiddos with his wife of almost 20 years.

6 Simple Ways Texting Can Impact Your Church

Communication is vital to building successful relationships and establishing a connection to those around you. In our fast-paced culture, texting is a favored form of communication.

9 Tips to Keep Your Church Connected with Text Messaging

Pandemic or not, it’s hard to deny the effectiveness of text communication. With 99% of text messages being opened (and 90% within the first three minutes!), it’s easy to see why texting is a valuable tool to spread event information, alerts, updates, and reminders.

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