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6 Questions to Challenge Your Church Facility Technical Know-How


I am continually amazed at how some churches have an identity crises related to technology and all the facets of the ministry.  Let me ask you some questions to show you what I mean:

1.       How many of you listened to an 8-track player in your car on the way to work?

2.       Does your church still use a leather bound ledger to track membership and attendance?

3.       Do your financial teams use an abacus to could the weekly tithes and offerings?

4.       How many of your media teams use a slide projector to project your worship songs and sermon notes?

5.       How many of you have an IBM PC Jr. on your desk or still use a “bag-phone”?

If you are reading this blog, then my guess is that none of the above apply. Most of you serve in churches that use Church Management Software (ChMS) systems to track membership, attendance, kids check in, online giving, volunteer teams and even missions initiatives. I would venture to say that the large preponderance of your media teams are using digital media coupled with LED technology and more wireless options than we could have imaged 20 years ago.

The adoption and implementation of these types of technologies are now the norm and not the extreme.  And for the most part, the size of the congregation has little to do with these technologies being incorporated into the everyday life of the church and its staff.  Heck, think about how so many of us even read our Bibles.  I am so thank to Life Church for developing YouVersion. I use this app on my phone and tablet and actually get frustrated when I attend another church that does not have good Wi-Fi in the worship center so I can access my choice in Bible (that is a hint to all you IT directors).

But what are we doing to incorporate current technology to our facilities?

More often than not, our facilities are considered the “means to an end” or as a necessary evil and our facility managers are the redheaded stepchild. I am not sure we sit in our staff meetings and specifically say those words or even think them consciously, but if you were to travel with me for a week, you would see that most church’s actions speak louder than their words.

Getting back to my “identity crisis” statement above, here are six questions to ask yourself that just might challenge your technical know-how:

1.       Do you use a cloud based room/event scheduling software? The world is moving to the cloud…are you there?

2.       Do you have a way to control your HVAC systems remotely…or better yet…do they interface with you room/event scheduling software?

3.       Have you incorporated elements like occupancy sensors on lights, auto flush plumbing fixtures, building automation and other such features?

4.       Have you replaced old technology lighting with new CFL or LED?

5.       How does your facility team track and process work orders and service requests? If they are using a paper log or e-mail requests, you might as well ask your accounts to use the abacus.

6.       Do your facility teams utilize tablets to process their daily tasks?

Here is my point: Next to your staffing budget, your facility related costs are the second largest expenditure.

So, if you have not intentionally committed as much time in making it one of the most efficient and effective operational systems as you have developing your network and IT infrastructure, you have missed an incredible opportunity to impact the financial status of your church.

Also, remember that your facilities will have one of, if not the longest, life cycle of any other component of your operational systems.

What is your next step to develop a proactive Facility Stewardship approach?

Tim Cool
Tim Coolhttp://coolsolutionsgroup.com
Tim Cool, as founder of Cool Solutions Group, has assisted nearly 400 churches, (equating to over 4 million square feet) throughout the United States with their facility needs. He has collaborated with churches in the areas of facility needs analysis, design coordination, pre-construction coordination, construction management, and life cycle planning/facility management. Cool solutions Group is also the developer of eSpace Software Productsincluding Event Scheduler, Work Order Management, and HVAC integration. Tim is also the author of three books, Successful Master Planning: More Than Pretty Pictures, Why Church Buildings Matter: The Story of Your Space and Church Locality, co-authored with Jim Tomberlin.



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