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Church Operations as Ministry

When we think of ministry, we tend to visualize a pastor preaching a sermon or elders praying with someone at the altar. What doesn’t often come to mind are tasks like proper HVAC maintenance, developing procedures for children’s check-in, or paying the utility bills. However, these efforts help make Sunday services possible. It’s time to think of church operations as a ministry.

8 Church Facilities Conferences

Church facilities are important resources that churches must steward well. Between building construction, lighting, seating, stage design, HVAC, energy efficiency, and LED screens, there's much to consider. Below is a list of eight church facilities conferences to consider attending either in person or virtually to better your church facility.

Control Your HVAC With Church Management Software (ChMS)

Cool Solutions Group has announced new church management software integration partners for eSpace, its HVAC management software, that just might remedy your ever increasing church energy bill. The number one cost influencer to your utility bills can be attributed to the cost of heating and cooling your facility.  The second most factor that contributes to most inefficiencies is controls and behaviors when controlling facilities.

VBS Facilities Guide: Options for Every Church From Small to Mega

'Tis the time of year for churches far and wide to facilitate Vacation Bible School, commonly know in 'churchese' as VBS. VBS can have a huge impact both within your church community and in your larger community. Because there are so many different sized churches, and so many different styles, formats, and sizes of VBS, we polled about 15 churches to take a closer look at the facilities costs related to VBS programs.

5 Shifts in the Landscape of Church Space

The church building and religious-use facility industry is being dramatically and permanently altered by factors that began emerging at the dawn of the 21st century. In 1989 popular author Ken Follett wrote a riveting best-selling novel “Pillars of the Earth” about the factors that influenced the building of cathedrals in the Middle Ages. Those factors influenced church construction and facility use for nearly a millennium.