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2 Keys to Reaching a Diverse Church Audience Through Technology


By the year 2050, our nation’s demographics will be drastically diverse. You can start to reach a diverse church audience by intentionally inspiring people through multicultural, technological communicators.  These communicators will give your church the inspiration combined with technology that causes people to listen and inspire amidst all the noise.

The main communication panel we use at Bridgeway is ACS Technology’s tool, the City, which has over 5,000 users. We use this ministry networking tool to maximize technology in order to enable people to build into one another as we build bridges to our community. We would like to connect with newcomers, build deeper community, equip leaders, and unleash people to reach our community, our culture, and our world for Jesus Christ.

The First Key: Technology for Communication

The first key to reaching a diverse audience is to have a technology platform that allows you to listen to a diverse audience and then act on what they are saying. Last May, our church leadership and choir had the honor of participating in the National Day of Prayer at the US Capitol. Our church felt called to this because it included a public prayer for reconciliation that was given by our senior pastor, Dr. Anderson, on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. We decided to invite our congregation to come along with us. We posted the invitation on The City as a follow up to communicating about it on Sunday during services. We soon picked up a conversation where people wanted to go down together and one volunteer called a bus company to reserve buses.

Rather than staff members being frustrated that no one showed up to the event, they quickly realized that people from our church body were willing to take off of work to come. People just wanted a bus ride down there. A staff member quickly stepped in to help assist the volunteer, setup an online payment link to cover the cost, and we sold out three buses to travel to our nation’s capital.

The Second Key: Technology for Inspiration

The second key to reaching a diverse audience is to have a technology platform that allows you to inspire a diverse audience to bless the world. If you’d like to receive inspirational messages like this every Friday, text the word “inspire” to 50555. We text inspiration to thousands of people every Friday morning.

These texts are designed to reach people no matter where they are on their spiritual journey. We use social media to amplify inspiration into the world. This past winter, we found a simple, creative way that uplifted our values to get out an announcement that our church was going to be closed. Rather than just communicating in text form, we communicated using  pictures of people who we value at the church for what they bring. They were honored to be in the picture and it reminded our followers why we exist as church. What an excellent way to be creative with a simple announcement that can then be shared virally because people enjoy the picture and receive the message you are communicating.

The next time you’re trying to reach your diverse world for Christ, don’t forget to listen and inspire.

Tim Samuel
Tim Samuelhttp://bridgewayonline.org
Tim Samuel is the CFO of CBridgeway Community Church. He creates future opportunities for an international model for a multicultural church which has diversity of colors, classes, and cultures. Bridgeway is home to over 4,000 people from 52 different nations. You can find him on Twitter @TimSamuelCFO .



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