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Avoiding the Sin of Too Much Church Technology

In a world where everything competes for our attention, everyone wants more tech gear, more lights, more haze, and a production that will draw in the masses. But when is too much tech too much? How do you walk the line of giving your very best in ministry without becoming gluttonous?

Making Tough Church Tech Decisions

Stewarding church funds well is no simple task. Chairs and communion cups are straightforward purchases, but there is no easy strategy for making technology decisions. By watching those who have gone before and seeking wisdom in planning, spending, and utilizing technology to glorify God, churches can avoid pitfalls and make the right purchases for their ministries.

5 Shifts in the Landscape of Church Space

The church building and religious-use facility industry is being dramatically and permanently altered by factors that began emerging at the dawn of the 21st century. In 1989 popular author Ken Follett wrote a riveting best-selling novel “Pillars of the Earth” about the factors that influenced the building of cathedrals in the Middle Ages. Those factors influenced church construction and facility use for nearly a millennium.