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5 YouTube Ideas for Churches [Free eBook]


We want to set you up for success on YouTube, so we have come up with some great YouTube ideas for your church to use it well. Note that some of these ideas are perfect for large churches and others setup for small ones.

1) Monday Morning Pastor Recap

Sunday sermons are a great time to hear from the shepherd of the church a Biblical lesson that hopefully is God-breathed, community-inspired, and Biblically-based. But I know how sermons go when you prep, deliver, and then follow up with the congregation afterwards. You forget a whole verse, you only scratch the tip of the iceberg on the topic, or you have great further conversations with members Sunday afternoon that bring up whole new directions that were not yet talked about. Why not do a Monday morning recap where you cover some of these things that were not discussed Sunday morning?

2) Youth/College Ministry Video Announcements

Having been in youth ministry leadership for ten years of my life and apart of the college ministries for the four years I was in college, there are some amazing video announcements out there and they should not be reserved just for a one-time release. Keep making the Facebook or Google+ events, but make sure to share on YouTube these great videos that you are putting a bunch of effort into. Not only will people be entertained, but you will be sharing some upcoming events with those that may not be in your congregation.

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3) Saturday Sermon Starter

Saturday Sermon Starters (or any other day of the week) takes this idea of only preaching on Sundays and ripping that tradition apart. Why not start the conversation about tithing, grace, or parenting on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday? If you create a great video on the topic, post it on YouTube, and share it on your blog or other social media sites, you can actually initiate people on the conversations. Some pro tips: end the video with some questions that you will be asking during your sermon so that people can have an answer ready, read the full context Bible verses that you will only highlight on Sundays, and share resources that you are drawing from with annotations and links in the description for your congregation to be able to go purchase themselves. Even better, this might be the perfect outreach tool your church comes up with in a while for community members that were considering attending your church and now have a taste of what they will experience.

4) Create Great Promos/Recaps Of Events

Churches are always having some great big event, whether a marriage counseling retreat with 20 couples up in the woods, a college Super Bowl party, Vacation Bible School, Fall Harvest Events, Christmas Nativity Play, Easter service, or more. Hopefully you have been advertising these events both within the church as well as in the community. Some churches go to great lengths to promote these events with major video productions, but only keep them in-house. Why not share these videos on YouTube and then create a recap of the activities with a photo slide show, video from the event, and maybe even a quick pitch a church staff in front of a green screen on the next couple of events coming up. Just make sure you have photo release forms for everyone that you are filming.

5) Pastor Q&A

One of the best uses of video that is not being done much is the idea of a Pastor Q&A. Whether it is a formal interview by the videographer or just the pastor sitting in front of the webcam, offer some great feedback and answers to some tough questions. This can start with a dropbox at the entrance of your church or a formal sheet that congregation members can fill out and place in the offering plate to ask. Even better, invite other social media networks to ask any variation of questions. This will give you time to come up with some great researched responses or recount experiences that will move the heart. But the best part is that you will be directly engaging with your community of people. That being said, take the risk and answer the really hard questions and be okay with having empathy, expressing difficulty answer questions, and showing that your foundation is in Scripture and your faith in God.

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  1. Great post. Now if I can just get more pastor friends, and leaders at my own church, to pay attention…! These seem like really peripheral activities, but if anyone should be students of their surrounding culture for the purpose of better engaging their communities with the gospel, it should be the church. I hope many grab this eBook and choose to put some of these ideas into practice.


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