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5 Time-Saving Ways to Repurpose Your Social Media Content

Every social media manager is looking for the next new viral post idea. We can spend hours scouring the social media networks for the latest trends and creating content that we hope is the next big thing. But what if we already have the next big post, we just need to look back instead of forward?

5 Great Facebook Live Tips for Churches

Facebook has provided a great way to stream live at no extra cost. Before smartphones and Facebook were born, churches had to use a TV or a radio station to stream their program live.

The Influence of Instagram [Infographic]

Social media’s influence continues to grow and church communicators should stay sharp about the latest trends and tools. Instagram is at the top of the list of current influencers. Its unprecedented growth of over 800 million active monthly users continues to make it a dominant force and an app that church communicators and pastors should consider using. Need more reasons?

8 Facebook Engagement Stats [Infographic]

For all intensive purposes, Facebook's Newsfeed is one of the most powerful content delivery channels in the world. Exact percentages of how much content they drive varies, but recent studies show as much as 25% of web referrals come via Facebook. With that kind of percentage, its no wonder that 13% of all time spent online occurs at Facebook. A staggering 14 hour per month average for U.S users alone.