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Year-End Giving Guide [Free ebook]

Implementing a strategic end of year giving plan can accelerate the growth and forward movement of your church or ministry. Guiding your congregation to understand the heart of giving not only helps your ministry, but it’s an essential part of their personal spiritual journey.

Church and the Millennial Mindset [Free ebook]

Building or growing a church of influence may start with a vision, but it only becomes reality through a multitude of people coming into one accord.  It is for this reason that leadership styles and tactics are so important. Across the nation, church leaders are asking an important question: How do I understand the millennial mindset? 

6 Questions to Ask Your Church Mobile App Provider

With so many church app and giving providers on the market claiming to offer the best product, it can be hard to know which platform is the right fit for your ministry. There are essential questions to ask as you set out to find a solution that fits the needs of your church.

Canva for Church Graphics [Free ebook]

We've written about Canva free creative software on ChurchTechToday in the past to help church communicators. Really, Canva is for anyone out there who needs to create church graphics, flyers, social media graphics, and pretty much any other graphic design project. It's easy-to-use, simple, and best of all, free.

139 Helpful Facts About Instagram [Infographic + Free ebook]

Instagram has proven it's one of the top social networks in the world and it isn't going anywhere. Whether your church uses Instagram in its social media messaging and communication plans largely depends on your audience; churches with older members tend not to utilize Instagram as much as churches that serve younger people. That said, it is good to know what networks are out there and why they are popular. What are their positive qualities and how can they be used to further your church's message as well as the Gospel?

Easter Resource Roundup

With Easter fast approaching, we thought we'd share a few resources with you as you prepare to promote your Easter services and look for last-minute...

Instagram Basics [Free ebook]

Instagram is not a revolutionary social network, it is fairly limited in its approach to using and analyzing if what we do is effective. The visual social networking model on which Instagram is based, as a whole, is still greatly maturing into something more. Yet, organizations are diving into this network and finding great success in sharing their message, as well as a new marketing campaigns, to followers.