5 Solutions to Stay Connected During the Summer Slowdown

From September through May churches experience regularity and rhythm within their ministries and have a general understanding of the expected level of weekly attendance. This consistency and structure also allow for an understanding of the commitment level that volunteers are able to provide to support ministries during these months. Then summer comes and everything changes.

Worship Software Guide: Options for Every Church From Small to Mega

There are many software options available to make sure Sunday morning is a success. While most of us have a soft spot in our hearts for PowerPoint, it is far from the best option for churches for a number of reasons. With various other software applications used by church techs such as Planning Center Online, Google products, and other church software solutions related to management and workflow, there's a wide world of worship software options that can find a place in any church budget - from small to mega.

3 Things to Remember When Planning Your Fall Programs

After a summer sprint packed with mission trips, VBS, and camp outings, another busy school year will soon begin with its marathon programs. Now is the perfect time to reflect on last year’s programs and honestly evaluate how you can make things even better this coming year.

ChurchTechToday Acquires ChurchTechy.com

I'm excited to share with you today that ChurchTechToday has acquired Stuart Dyckhoff's church tech blog, ChurchTechy.com. After six years of blogging, Stuart has...