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Top 11 Easter Videos From Worship House Media


Easter video and media can add an incredibly warm touch to your church services. Christian video producers are creating new videos weekly, and sites like Worship House Media, offer a wonderful selection of videos to add to your already excellent church services.

Many churches like to incorporate a meaningful church video into their services to connect with people, make them laugh, draw them into the specialness that is Good Friday and Easter, as well as connect with non-church goers. Great church communication can often include church media such as these creative and thoughtful Easter videos.

1 – ‘Follow’

The first would be “Follow.” In the same vein as “A Social Network Christmas,” Igniter Media does it again. This time utilizing a Twitter interface, we have here a clever and modern retelling of the gospel that is powerful. Without asking anything, it makes you question your own loyalty to Christ. Would you follow? It is a little longer than most mini-movies, but worth the extra time constraint.

2 – ‘Scars’

Similar to Igniter, how do you pick just one Dan Stevers video to showcase? I landed on “Scars”. It’s a great script executed with expertise and subtlety. In fact, as Dan said in a tweet recently, “In my opinion, Easter isn’t a time to up the production value, it’s a time to strip off the excess. People crave authenticity, not spectacle.”

3 – ‘A Very Special Sunday’

Steelhouse goes a different route with this light-hearted and endearing children’s narration of Easter events, along with colorful stick figure-like animated drawings. As the reviewers of this mini-movie point out, both children and adults love this video.

4 – ‘He Is Risen’

Shift Worship continues the trend toward animated art-work with “He Is Risen.” No text is needs as the images speak for themselves. The song was one that I had never heard before but enjoyed greatly.

5 – ‘Easter Prophesy’

Hyper Pixels Media offers up “Easter Prophecy” as a way to visually see Isaiah 53 through the lens of Jesus. The voice-over is superbly done and the simple presentation allows you to listen intently to the beautiful score and scripture being read.

6 – ‘Alive The Story’

“Alive: The Story” combines scenes from Big Book Media’s film with the Grammy-nominated single by Natalie Grant. The runtime is five minutes, but it could take the place of a song in your worship set.

7 – ‘I Once Was Lost Amazing Grace II’

CentralFillms brings back the song Amazing Grace in “I Once Was Lost (Amazing Grace II).”  Inspired by a Salvation Army ad, with music by an award-winning guitarist, various different people personalize the song we all know and give it a deeper meaning.

8 – ‘He Rose’

If you need a worship starter on Easter, Centerline’s “He Rose” is an energetic but smart choice. Its profound message is addressed to all people, including those that may be visiting your church just because it’s Easter Sunday. Its honest approach will hopefully get people thinking and excited to worship the Risen King.

9 – ‘Alive’

Another short worship starter option would be thr-ve’s “Alive!” The music is rockin’ and the big-texted method of communicating is straight-forward and effective.

10 – ‘Good Friday’

The Skit Guys are at their dramatic best in this Good Friday video titled just that, “Good Friday”. This is actually 4 short videos featuring a dramatic retelling of Jesus’ last day from six individuals who were close to Him before his death. The runtime for all of it is 9 minutes, but you could build your service around it, even separating the vignettes with singing or reading or praying, etc.

11 – ‘What Ws On His Mind’

This video asks the question, “What was Jesus thinking? What was on His mind while He endured the cross? As pictures of people of all walks of life move across the screen they all answer the question by spelling the word “YOU.” Then it ends on two verses from Hebrews and a word of thanks to God for what He did. It works for either Good Friday or Easter. And like many of the videos, it’s also available in Spanish.

Those would be just some of my picks for you to consider for your Easter or Good Friday services. No matter what you end up doing, I hope and pray that what you do helps to lead people close to God. That’s what it’s all about.

Lauren Hunter
Lauren Hunterhttps://laurenhunter.net
Lauren Hunter is a writer who loves the big picture of God’s journey we are all on together. In 2007, she founded ChurchTechToday, a website for pastors and church leaders to harness technology to improve ministry. Married to her high school sweetheart, Lauren lives in Northern California with her husband and their four children. Her latest book is Leaving Christian Science: 10 Stories of New Faith in Jesus Christ. She can be found online at https://laurenhunter.net.


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