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Capture Summit to Inspire and Equip Christian Filmmakers

In its third year, Capture Content Creation and Filmmaking Summit 2019 is a one-of-a-kind conference for Christian filmmakers and storytellers. Hosted by Church Production Live Events, Capture is an excellent resource for any Christian videographer, church tech, or media director.

Top 5 Church Video Announcement Companies

Church video announcements are a great way to ensure you convey essential information to the congregation each week. They're also useful in preventing mistakes while giving live announcements or from announcements taking up too much time in service. The challenge lies in all the work involved in planning, preparing, shooting, editing, and completing these videos week in and week out.

Top 11 Easter Videos From Worship House Media

Easter video and media can add an incredibly warm touch to your church services. Christian video producers are creating new videos weekly, and sites like Worship House Media, offer a wonderful selection of videos to add to your already excellent church services.

127 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Video Marketing [Infographic]

Church video marketing is a growing term to encompass church communication through video. While many churches still don't love the term, "church marketing," there is a growing adoption of this terms thanks to church communication pioneers, Kem Meyer, Tony Morgan, Richard L. Reising who wrote, "Church Marketing 101" back in 2006 (this is by no means a comprehensive list).

The Evolution of Video [Infographic]

Video isn't going anywhere. In fact, video is perhaps the fastest growing ministry tool available to churches and believers all around the world. We recently shared a helpful article that covered seven ways video can save your pastor time, and these suggestions can easily parlay into opportunities to share the Gospel and ministry of your church with a wider audience.

Video Basics from Composition to Lighting and Audio [Infographic]

Having a great idea story idea is just the beginning of an effective church video. Before you start shooting, here are some video basics to keep in mind. Feel free to download and print these quick tips for how to compose, light and record audio on your next video.

How to Improve Video Engagement with a Cross-Platform Strategy

I am a huge fan of survival shows on TV. Who doesn't love Running Wild with Bear Grylls, right? One strategy I have noticed when these folks are trying to catch fish in the wild is how they make a spear. We often think of a single pronged harpoon sharpened to a point, ready to stick an unsuspecting fish. However, making a spear with multiple points gives a greater degree of success. With this type of spear the fisherman can cover more area, have more points to stick, and minimize the chances of missing or deflecting off of the target. We can translate this strategy to how we publish video on the web and social media. Cross-platform video deals with utilizing multiple publishing outlets as part of your communication and video strategy.