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7 Ways Your Church Can Use Social Media This Easter


Easter is just around the corner and if you haven’t started promoting your Easter service or pageant on social media yet, now is a great time to start. Not only is Easter one of the most attended church services of the year, but it’s also a great time to share the good news with people who may not have heard it before.

When creating your Easter social media strategy, it’s important to tell your unique story of your church. Every church is different and you want to explain how you stand out.

Below are seven tips you can use to promote your Easter service on social media this year and tell your story:

1) Make it Promotional

Social media is a great place to promote new and exciting things happening at your church like your Easter service. You can get the word out to your followers and get them excited about the event. Perhaps you’re having an Easter pageant or a Good Friday service as well. Let your followers know the specifics and talk it up so they feel excited about attending.

2) Use Video

Video is extremely popular on social media. Tap into that popularity by sharing videos on your church social media channels of what’s unfolding in the life of the church. If people accept Christ on Easter, this is the perfect place for testimonies of what God is doing in people’s lives. You can also live stream the service, so members who are sick or out-of-town can still watch it.

While you want to keep videos short, you can also share links that will send people to your website for longer videos of things like your full Easter message.

3) Ask Questions

To foster engagement, introduce some good conversation starters on your social media channels. Ask followers why they’re excited for Easter, what they’re giving up for Lent, or what Jesus on the cross means to them. Social media is all about engagement, so the more you can get people to comment, the better off you’ll be.

It’s also important to note that while you want to avoid topics that might lead to controversy or arguments, you can ask the kind of questions that will start healthy and helpful conversations with your community.

4) Mention Other Resources

As a church leader, you’re probably being exposed to great resources and information that encourages and challenges you. Why not share a little bit of that online? Post links to good articles you’ve read about Easter, a devotional series you like, Easter videos and worship songs that have encouraged you, or blogs or podcasts about Jesus’ death and resurrection.

5) Promote Church Blogs & Newsletters

Your church staff works hard to put together content and materials for the congregation. Reuse that content on social media. Post those materials on your social channels to make sure everyone has a chance to read about the ministries of your church. You can even do a special Easter edition newsletter before and after Easter weekend.

6) Encourage Your Followers

Your posts can be an easy place to encourage people your church comes in contact with online. This is important during Easter because you’ll have many new people watching your church and social media presence. Share things like Bible verses, a reading plan for Lent, special prayers, and devotionals about the Easter season.

7) Create an Easter Social Media Series

What’s the best part about social media? You can make it fun! Create an Easter series your people can get involved in and have a little fun with, too. Not only will it lighten things up, but it will also give your people something to look forward to!

Next Steps

So hopefully you’re feeling a little more confident when it comes to social media this Easter, but where do you go from here?

  1. Link church social media accounts to the church website. Don’t have a website? Try Clover!
  2. Write out an Easter content calendar with all the social media content you’ll post during the Easter season. Hootsuite has a free template.
  3. Gather all your visuals and graphics to use on social media. If you need resources, check out Sharefaith’s Easter collection (20% off for a limited time).

Again, your church has a unique story to tell and this is your chance to show the world your passion and creativity. Start posting today to get the most out of this Easter season.

Tim Cross
Tim Crosshttps://ministrybrands.com
Tim is the Church Media Director at Ministry Brands. He has over 10 years of experience in the church in design, communications, and creative arts, and is passionate about helping churches engage their communities and partnering with them to reach people for Christ. He's been very happily married to his best friend for over six years and they are expecting their first child in May 2019.


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