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List Of Church Online Services Technical Outage / Status Pages [2023]


An online status page is a web page that provides information about the current status of a cloud-based service, such as a live streaming provider. It is a useful resource for users to check when they experience technical issues with the service, such as outages or glitches.

If your church's online service goes down or you experience glitches, the first thing you should do is consult the service's online status page. This page will typically provide information about any known issues or outages that may be affecting the service. It may also provide details about the cause of the issue and an estimated time for resolution.

Online status pages are usually updated in real-time, so you can check back regularly to get the latest information about the status of the service. Some status pages also have notifications or alerts that can be set up to inform users of any changes to the service status.

Overall, consulting an online status page is an important step in troubleshooting technical issues with a cloud-based service. It can help you understand the cause of the issue and whether it is being addressed by the service provider. This can help you make informed decisions about how to proceed and whether you need to take any additional steps to resolve the issue.

It might be your kids' check in system. Or your church online feed. Or your ChMS. Anything you use that is online during your services could go down. So you need to be ready to trouble shoot in a live environment when needed. The first question is – it is our local systems? or is it the service provider?

That's where knowing where to look to see if a service provider has a known issue or not is a great first step.

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List of Technical Issues Reporting And Status Pages For Top Church Service Providers

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Church Online Platform

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LiveStream.com Video Live Streaming

Resi Video Live Streaming

Boxcast Video Live Streaming

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DaCast Video Live Streaming

vMix Video Live Streaming

Planning Center

Faithlife Proclaim

Pushpay / Church Community Builder / ChurchStaq

TouchPoint Software


It's a good idea to bookmark the online status page for the service you are using, so you can easily access it in case of any technical issues. This can save you time and help you quickly resolve any issues you may be experiencing with the service.


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