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#TogetherWe Spark Generosity


Generosity can come in many different ways—finances, time, resources, and even emotional support—all of which are important in growing the impact of the Church.

So, how does a church spark generosity in its congregants to create that impact in its Community?

Understand Generational Differences

A study conducted by The Barna Group found that different generations express generosity in different ways.

For example, Boomers value emotional care most when it comes to generosity. But since their free time is short (because they’re caring for both their parents and their children), they’re often looking for one-off outreach opportunities that offer different ways to get involved.

Know how to spark generosity for Boomers? Provide one-off outreach opportunities since their time is limited but their emotions are ripe for creating an impact. Get more ideas at Pushpay’s #TogetherWe Campaign. Click To Tweet
Technology can help increase generosity, and Pushpay’s #TogetherWe campaign is showing us how.

This is exactly what Mountain Springs Church in Colorado Springs offers with its annual Thanksgiving Meal Drive. For the past eight years, community members have taken bags that the church places out, filled them up with a list of items to cook a full Thanksgiving meal, and returned them to be distributed to their neighbors in need.

There are even volunteers that operate a greenhouse on campus that allows fresh produce to be included in the Thanksgiving meal bags, which is a rare treat for the receiving families.

This past Thanksgiving, they provided over 300 complete Thanksgiving meals for their neighbors in need. Congregants can volunteer by simply filling a bag, working at the greenhouse, or serving in a coordination role to make the outreach event happen.

Strong ministries provide multiple opportunities to be generous so that every generation of the congregation can participate.

Learn more about the differences between generations when it comes to generosity.

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Be Organized

If community members are willing to offer their finances, time, resources, or emotional care to support outreach efforts within the church, then the church needs to honor that generous spirit by being organized and diligent in execution.

At the rate of 30% of volunteers quitting to serve each year, the church doesn’t want to give willing community members a reason to join that statistic.

Software can help. Tools like Pushpay’s ChMS allow volunteers to respond to serving opportunities through a scheduling tool where they can sign up for open positions and fill empty spots as an event approaches.

Technology can help increase generosity, and Pushpay’s #TogetherWe campaign is showing us how.

This is how The Potter’s House in Fort Worth, Texas provided over 3,500 gifts for 513 children on behalf of their incarcerated parents and grandparents this past December.

Not only do they use Sign-Up sheets for volunteers, they also leverage them to track gift-givers as well as recipients and their families.

Learn more about equipping volunteers to leverage their generosity.

Together We Build Community

At the end of the day, generosity is how churches build community. Pushpay has launched a campaign called #TogetherWe to showcase these stories. Not surprisingly, there is no shortage of generosity in the Church community. 

Find out more about how churches are honoring their giving hearts at pushpay.com.

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