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3 Reasons Your Church Needs an Offering Kiosk


The evolving trend in the computer hardware industry focuses on convenience of use and mobility, thanks to the iPad. The introduction of the tablet has influenced the Church greatly. Tasks that take place at church such as taking attendance, accepting donations, and registration for events can easily be done through the use of tablets, thereby changing the way we do church.

Tablets are light, affordable, easy to deploy, simple to carry around, and most important of all, allow to access anything—anywhere and anytime.

That said, it’s no wonder that tablets are rapidly becoming a part of our everyday lives. iPad deployment among public and communal environments is growing fast, and ministry has been playing a key role in this trend.

Here are 3 reasons your church needs an iPad Offering Kiosk:

1) People don’t carry cash or checks

The majority of people do not carry enough cash or even a checkbook to donate through antiquated payment methods. Most carry debit and credit cards and would give more freely if they were able to swipe their card through an offering kiosk or mobile app.

2) Take donations before, during, and after worship services

Accept donations in the lobby through a secured iPad Offering Kiosk. Accept donations on a smartphone via QR code during worship. Accept donations through your website after worship and even through your church’s Facebook page. All four can work together to give people the ability to give when, where, and how they want to.

3) Help people give consistently with recurring giving 

Encouraging church members and attenders to give consistently is more than possible through the offering kiosk as well as online and mobile giving methods. Make it possible for people to set up a recurring tithe amount to be drawn via debit or credit card each month which helps the Church with consistent donations throughout the year.

Secure Your iPad

Step number one  is to find a way to secure the iPad, you don’t want your iPad walking out the door in week 1, so you must secure your investment in the process of helping people increase their giving. 

Maclocks and the Offering Kiosk from Continue to Give present a positive way to integrate iPads and tablets into the Ministry.

The Maclocks BrandMe Stand and iPad Kiosk is quickly turning into a necessity for giving situations so that members are presented with a clear and convenient way to give that captures their attention.  That is why Continue To Give has teamed up with Maclocks to bring their Offering Kiosk app to life with their sturdy, eloquent, and easy to setup tablet enclosure and kiosk stand.

Maclocks has several stands and mounting options so no matter how you want to reach your “givers” there is an option. The iPad Adjustable Stand and branded BrandMe stand can also double as podiums for sermons and lectures to get the most out of your device. For table top arrangements Maclocks has the Slide Pro and Slide Basic models that provide a secure way to display and accept donations.

These easy to setup and use tools make steady tithing and fundraising easy and intuitive for both the giver and receiver.

Here are what customers have to say:

Continue to Give is a great way to provide our people a variety of options to financially support ministry and ministry projects. The website, Facebook app, QR code, mobile site, and, our favorite…the Offering Kiosk which allows people to swipe their debit cards…are all ways that make tithing and giving more convenient in a world where screens and plastic are replacing paper and coin” – New Hope Community Church

Maclocks is happy to provide all members of the church with a 10% discount on all their products .  Enter code CTT10 at the shopping cart page to apply the discount.

Has your church considered an iPad Giving Kiosk?

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